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Copy of Daily Exercise Routines (M,W,F) Mr. Miller/Ms. Hinkley

The reason "Why" should you warm up before stretching.

Why Should You Warm Up First?

Research indicates that there are numerous reasons to warm up prior to stretching, but the fact of the matter is you need to increase the temperature of your muscles before stretching to prevent straining them. In fact, you can view “warming up” in a very literal sense. You warm up your muscles to allow them to move more easily and reduce your risk of injury. Stretching your muscles while cold is risky and counterproductive.

Warming up prior to stretching acts to loosen your muscles and increase their overall flexibility. It also increases blood flow throughout your body and enlarges your blood vessels to bring more oxygen into your muscles. This practice also functions to flood your heart with plenty of oxygen to reduce the overall stress placed on your heart while working out. Additionally, making sure your body is warm first will improve your range of motion, slowly increase your heart rate, and diminish your chance of developing cramps.

Resource: https://www.turningpointmedicalgroup.com/articles/is-it-better-to-warm-up-before-stretching/

3/9/2019-3/13/2019 Flag Football

11/2/2019-11/6/2019 Wiffle Ball

10/28/2019-11/1/2019 Basketball Tournament

10/21/2019-10/23/2019 Basketball Skills & Drills

10/14/2019-10/18/2019 Soccer

10/7/2019-10/11/2019 Floor Hockey & Ultimate Ball

9/30/2019-10/4/2019 Badminton

9/23/2019-9/27/2019 Volleyball

9/16/2019-9/20/2019 Volleyball

9/9/2019-9/13/2019 Flag Football

9/3/2019-9/6/2019 Fitness Testing, Matball

8/26/2019-8/30/2019 Fitness Testing

8/19/2019-8/23/2019 Matball, Island Game, Combat Match-ups, Pin Dodge

8/14/2019-8/16/2019 Welcome Back! Syllabus/Expectations, Issue PE lockers

June 2, 2019 Field Day End of School Year 2018/2019

May 28-31 Games, clean out lockers, turn in locks

May 20-24 Favorite Games Week

May 13-17 Popcorn ball, Olympic Hoop game

May 7-10 Hillbilly Hideaway, Matball

April 29 - May 3 Gatorball, Handball

April 23-26

April 15-16

April 8-12 Fitness testing, Pickleball

DAILY HEALTH #46-49 (4/10-4/15, 2019)

April1-5 Hockey & Badminton

March 24-29 Wiffleball

March 18-22 Soccer

Daily Health # 44-45

March 11-15 Volleyball

March 4-8 Volleyball

Daily Health #40-43

February 25 - March 1 Handball, Ultimate Football

Daily Health #36-39

February 25 - March 1 Handball, Ultimate Football

Daily Health #36-39

February 19-22 Spikeball

February 11-15 Bowling

Daily Health #30-35

February 4-8

Daily Health #25-29

January 28-Feb 1

Daily Health #20-24

January 22-25

Daily Health #16-20

January 14-18

January 7-11

November 19-20 Monday/Tuesday Fitness Testing.

Daily Health #6-10

November 12-16 Monday/Tuesday Behind Enemy Lines; Wednesday-Friday Fitness Testing.

Daily Health #1-5

November 5-9 Monday-Thursday Flagfootball; Friday Swamp ball

October 29 - November 3 Mon/Wed: Matball; Tues/Thurs: Hockey; Friday Swamp ball/TBA

October 22-24 Gatorball

October 15-19 Mon/Tues Badminton; Wed/Thurs Pickleball; Friday Pindodge

October 8-11 Soccer

October 1-5 Mon-Thurs Basketball Tournament; Friday Pindodge

September 24-28 Mon/Tues Basketball skills&drills; Wednesday scrimmage; Thursday 1st tournament game; Friday Swampball

September 18-21 Volleyball

September 10-14 Mon-Thurs Volleyball Skills and Drills; Friday Swampball

September 4-7 Mon/Tuesday Makeup Fitness Testing; Wed Matball; Thursday Pindodge

September 27-31 Mon-Thurs Fitness Testing; Friday Pindodge

September 20-24 Mon-Thurs Matball; Wed/Thurs Longbase; Friday Pindodge

August 15-17 Welcome back!

August 20-24 Mon/Tues -Matball, Wed/Thurs Long-base, Friday Swamp ball/TBA