Athlete Expectations

Auburn Middle School Athlete Expectations

In order to participate in the athletics programs at Auburn Middle School student must

  1. Meet all Montgomery County Public Schools eligibility requirements
  2. Be a student athlete in good standing at Auburn Middle School

Montgomery County Public Schools Eligibility Requirements

Student athletes must

  • Be enrolled at Auburn Middle School
  • Have a valid Virginia High School League physical form on file in the athletic office (Physicals for the current school year’s athletic participation must be completed after May 1st of the previous school year)

A Student Athlete in Good Standing at Auburn Middle School

Student athletes must meet the criteria described in the three categories listed below

  • Grades: Student athletes must maintain a minimum class average of 60% or higher in at least 5 courses. Grades will be reviewed at the beginning of the sport season, at interim, and end of each grading period (and may be reviewed more often at the discretion of Coaches, Athletic Director, and Administration).
  • Discipline: Student athletes are expected to maintain appropriate school behaviors. Student athletes not meeting behavioral expectations will be referred by Coaches, the Athletic Director, and Administration to the Auburn Middle School Student Athlete Disciplinary Action Chart
  • Attendance: Student athletes must be at school a minimum of half day (3 hours 15 minutes) to participate in practice or athletic competition unless a doctor’s note is provided prior to practice or competition.