Ms. Sullivan 

Class overview

Welcome to Study Skills and Credit Recovery.   This class is here to support you on several levels in many many ways so that you will experience success in your desire to graduate.

The Study Skills class is for direct supports for students with IEP support services.  This is the time for you to receive extra support beyond the general education classroom.  We work together with community resources such as Workability and Vocational Rehabilitation to encourage transition from the school environment into the world of adulting.  It is a goal that all students with an IEP leave with a general portfolio that will assist in this transition and have participated in some form of work experience development skills. 

The Credit Recovery classes are completed through the online program Edmentum.  The link is found in several ways.  As a student you can utilize your Clever badge and it will come up under EDMENTUM with a large E as the logo.  If you are not using your Clever badge... 1) go to 2) Click on the menu for Students, 3) Click on Clever.   You can utilize your phone, tablet or any device to login to the program in this manner, just make sure that you are using your MJUSD email.   Below are examples from the Intro to Visual Art and Health classes. 

The menu in the right corner will link you to the page associated with either class setting and supports for those classes. 

Examples from Health

Examples from Intro to Visual Art 

About me: 

Hi.. I'm Ms. Sullivan..  I have been teaching for 20 years now and find that each year is a new experience.  I continue to be blessed with the privilege to work with amazing youth from a variety of life experiences.   To be honest I never expected that I would become a teacher as many in my family were professionals in the education field.  I started my college career with a major in Engineering and ended with a BS in Psychology and Child Development. I thrive working in an alternative environment where we are able to help our students grow academically, socially and emotionally.  

We truly NEVER GIVE UP!!