Ms. Katie

Adapted Physical Education Specialist

Marysville Joint Unified School District

Hello everyone,

My name is Katie Woodward and I am an Adapted Physical Education Specialist for Marysville Joint Unified School District. I have been teaching for 13 years... 8 of them in Adapted PE and my first 5 as a HS Physical Education teacher. My two favorite things are family and movement and my goal is to help my students be as proficient in movement as they can be and have tons of fun doing it!

As an APE Specialist I teach and support students who need assistance with their gross motor skills.

Students can qualify for weekly direct service or consult APE services. If you have concerns about a student please contact your school psychologist or special education case manager and they will request for me to screen them.

This web page is a fun place to share inclusive/adapted games and exercises. Please check out my attached video lessons, fun movement challenges and support links.

Remember to keep moving, do the best you can (while knowing your limits) and have fun!

😁 Ms. Katie

Video 1

Countdown Workout

Video 2

ABC Yoga ~ Movement Story ~ Fitnessgram Practice

Video 3

Wellness Walking ~ Dice Game

Video 4

Silly Kid Fitness with Music

Video 5

Exercise Board Game ~ Sesame Street Stretching

Video 6

3-2-1 Fitness ~ Feelings Movement Story

Video 7

Warm Up Book ~ Fitness Block Game

*** Last Video For Spring 2020... See you all in the Fall! Have a wonderful summer :)