AICTE National Innovation and Startup Policy at MITS Gwalior


The National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for students and faculty of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will enable the institutes to actively engage students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. This framework will also facilitate Ministry of Human Resource Development in bringing uniformity across HEIs in terms of Intellectual Property ownership management, technology licensing and institutional Startup policy, thus enabling creation of a robust innovation and Start up ecosystem across all HEIs.

Competition Name: GWALIOR SMART CITY 'TECH CHALLENGE 1.0' – 2020

Organized by: Dream Hatcher Incubation Center Gwalior, Dec 2020

Team Name: Sandharniyata Anuchar

Team Composition:

1. Rishika Sood, IV year, B.Arch.

2. Shantanu Dubey, Iv year, B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

Position: 3rd Prize Winner

Project Title: Energy Generating Bicycle Corridors with Piezo electirc Tiles

Project Brief: Piezoelectric tiles usage to generate electricity to support street lights resulting in reduction of cost in street light infrastructure and electricity consumption. Specified routes for Gwalior were identified and proposed for the upscaling and construction of smart cycle infrastructure.

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List of Regional incubators

  1. Technology Innovation and Incubation

Centre, F-Block

ABV-IIITM, Gwalior

474015-(M.P.), India

  1. Dreamhatcher incubation Center

Gwalior Smart City Office

Motimahal Gwalior

List of NISP Experts

  1. Dr. N. K. Choubey



  1. Mr. Ashutosh Chincholikar


Smart Controls India Ltd

  1. Shri Sanjeev Raman



4.Er. Anil Gupta


APM Technologies Delhi

5. Dr. Anurag Srivastava



6. Er. Anand Bhanpurkar


CG and Industrial Solutions Ltd

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