About Us

MITC began as a community-based program in September 2001. It serves as an alternative program for consumers who require innovative and non-traditional programming due to their uniquely challenging needs. 

The site-based programming, which was established in October 2003, aims to provide our individuals with additional training opportunities as well as alternative training space when off-site activities are not permitted, such as in severe weather. 

Our on-site workshops also offer functional academics, arts and crafts, dance and movement, community BINGO, music and leisure, movie time, karaoke, tabletop games, cooking, and exercise sessions. MITC consumers engage in a wide range of social, leisure, and recreational activities, including community outings, educational trips to museums, zoos, malls, libraries, and parks.  

We also provide Emotional Creativity and Anger Management lessons, Sign language classes, themed programs and parties, leisure lunches in the backyard garden with a gazebo, art exhibits displaying our individual's artworks, and activities that our clients genuinely love and benefit from.


Teaching Minds


students attain educational potential.

Touching Hearts


the love for life.

Transforming Lives


the lives of 

everyone we meet.

Mission Statement


MITC is committed to providing its consumers with a nurturing environment where individuals have access and the opportunity to participate in and benefit from educational experiences both on-site and in the community.


MITC endeavors to provide intellectually stimulating developmentally appropriate instructional programming for each consumer; to hone their pre-vocational skills through hands-on training as they prepare for more meaningful work activities in the community (i.e., paid employment).

Learning Principles:

MITC’s basic operating principle is influenced by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which upholds among other theories, that people are intelligent in different ways.  We believe that each individual is endowed with unique intelligence and capabilities that can be tapped and developed to an optimum level.