Student Journalist Staff

Deadline to Apply: Feb. 15, 2019

Candidates for the Student Journalist Staff must be seniors. Each member school may nominate one candidate in each of area of primary interest: news writing & reporting, news design, yearbook, video, photojournalism and multiplatform. Candidates must indicate their area of primary interest.

General Guidelines

There are two parts to the application, which should be submitted at the same time:

  1. The application form, which includes contact information, academic transcript, letters of recommendation and resume.
  2. An online portfolio of the student’s work, which judges will access via URL. Requirements of the portfolio can be found here.

Application Materials

Please gather the following materials before filling out the application form (protect your privacy, do not include the following materials in your online portfolio):

  1. Information about the student and parents/guardians, as well as local media contact information for the award announcement.
  2. Official high school transcript or a counselor’s statement including journalism classes taken, grades and current GPA. Student should be a high school senior. Scan the transcript and upload it as a PDF.
  3. A formal head shot of the candidate AND an action photo of the candidate involved in some aspect of student media. Make sure each digital file has the candidate’s name on it. For instance: smith.jpg. This must be a high-resolution photo — not a Facebook photo. Resolution should be at least 200. The action shot should have an extended caption written for that photo. If there is more than one person in the photo, please use location of candidate (left, right, etc.) for identification.
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation from those who know the candidate well and understand the impact of the journalistic experience on the student’s life (no letter should exceed two pages in length). Scan the letters and upload them as PDFs.
  5. A personal resume of activities and achievements in scholastic journalism and other activities.
  6. An self-analytical essay written by the candidate. The essay must be typed and should include how working in journalism has impacted his/her life, future goals and aspirations, etc. Include college plans. Students should write with passion and make an impact on the judges because this essay functions as the applicant’s one-on-one interview. Essay should not exceed two pages in length.
  7. A URL to your completed portfolio.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Application Form

You must have a free Google account to submit this form. If you're having trouble accessing the below form, log out of your Google account. Then return to this page and click "Fill out form." You'll be asked to log into your Google account.