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Welcome to our Mindful AISD Website!

Purpose: Stress Relief, Physical & Mental Health Exercises, Self & Community-Care

Audience: Teachers, Staff, Admin, Students, Families, Community, World

Pages on this Site: Practices, Resources, Teachers & Staff, Families

Our consistent practice of caring for ourselves is more important now than ever before, especially for administrators and district leaders as the decisions we make have a physical and emotional impact on our teachers, staff, students and families. Knowing the impact that stress has on our brain, we want our minds to be functioning at maximum capacity for these important decisions. Caring for ourselves is also paramount for teachers and staff, as we're responsible for the care and education of our students and supporting families. And students and families, this site is for you too. We hear you, see you and value you. The "practices" page is compiled to honor a variety of ages and interests.

Explore the pages to find just what you need in this moment. We're glad you're here.

Mindful AISD VISION & Moving Forward

Today's Mindful Moment

The calendar of "Today's Mindful Moment" videos is below. Or you can choose your own by visiting our Mindful AISD YouTube page.

If you have interest in being a special guest in our videos, please contact the Austin ISD SEL Department. Open to staff, students, families & community members (in & outside of Austin). Special request for videos in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese & more languages represented in Austin ISD.

Questions or Suggestions? Please contact the Austin ISD SEL Department.