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Welcome Back MHS!

Newspaper Wishes Everyone a Great School Year!

By Maddie Miga, Editor

With the 2022-2023 school year just beginning, we from the Crimson Post hope all students and staff have had an amazing start so far. Since my freshman year, I’ve helped the Crimson Post by writing articles and being our staff’s Social Media Manager. With this being my senior year, I look forward to taking on the role of editor and continuing to contribute to journalism at Millis High.

Now is a great time to join the Newspaper staff! We are always looking for students to publish articles, stories, comics, photographs, and more. The Crimson Post meets every I-days during both lunches in the library, and we’re always welcoming new staff members! With any questions, please reach out to either Mr. Carter or myself.

Here on the Crimson Post Website, we are constantly updating our website with new articles, op-eds, and more! Make sure to check back here throughout the year for the latest coverage about MHS.

Thank you, Seniors
Welcome New Editor, Maddie Miga!
Goodbye Mrs Divver
Memorial Day 2022

MHS Students Present "The Chairs"

The tradition of students presenting chairs to favorite teachers & staff continues! This is the 23rd year of the tribute chairs. Rising seniors began reserving teachers as early as the day after graduation! This is totally student-motivated!

At Class Day, the following chairs were presented by their creative students:

Ms. Sam Hilton from Elle McClary and Jaden Adams

Ms. Carolyn Chaplin from Bretton Kohler

Ms. Beth Morrill from Rachel Geddes and Chloe Verrochi

Mr. Brian Kraby from Connor McMahon

Ms. Megan McCarthy from Montina Santos

Congratulations to all!

Literary Arts Night 2022
Pops & Awards Night, May 12, 2022

Keeping it Reel at Salem Film Festival

By Jaden Adams, 3/14/22

Two Millis High School students were recently notified of their inclusion in the Keeping it Reel Salem Film Festival! After Covid-19 shut the festival down judges and filmmakers alike are excited about the 2022 film festival season and the return of the festival itself. Jaden Adams’s film “A Love Letter to my Friends” and Dulce Abreu’s film “Signs of Silence” both were nominated and will be included in the virtual and in-person screening of the Salem Film Festival.

In “A Love Letter To My Friends”, Jaden Adams explores the true meaning and significance of friendship in her life through this short film which touches on the raw truths of adolescence and the need for a confidant in a turbulent world.

In “Signs of Silence” first-time filmmaker Dulce Abreu works at a supermarket during COVID. She noticed some of her deaf customers were struggling to understand people because of the masks. She decided to teach herself sign language to help them. She found her passion in this work and she made a film about it to inspire more people to learn ASL.

Congrats to both Jaden and Dulce! Their respective films are linked below.

A Love Letter to my Friends:

Signs of Silence:

Making Strides: Winter Track

By Devon Gatz , 3/7/2022

This year for the winter track squad there have been many talents that have shown through for young athletes. These athletes have fought and persevered through tough challenges in order to have a strong season. There were a lot of first time throwers, hurdlers, etc. and many new personal records (PRs) for these athletes. Coach FitzGerald stated “There where many admirable accolades like when the boys team had their first win this year against Dedham during which every high school athlete scored a point.” She also gave me a list with some of the top accomplishments that both the boys and girls teams have achieved this winter track season.

Starting off with the girls: Jane Connors as a rookie thrower was the highest point scorer with 16 total points and placing 5 times. Mackenzie Sullivan placed 6 different times and held the second highest points with 12. As an eighth grader, Eliana Soares had the highest points and the most places throughout the season. She had 23 points and 9 places between the jumping, running, and hurdling. For first time thrower Norah Sugrue, she ended up getting a new personal record at TVLs with 18.825 ft, over a 2 foot PR from her previous mark. Seventh grader Jessica Kramer recorded the fastest time of the season in the 300m at 50.17. Seventh grader Ava Braccio recorded the fastest time of the season in the 1000m at 3:31.84.

For the boys: Jack Borst broke the school's 300m record. The record was previously held by Zack Maltinksy in 2011 at 39.70. Jack ran it this year at 39.60 Jack also had the most points earned at 32 and had the most places at 10. Colin Streck had a strong year with his distance running as well as trying throwing the first time this year, and ended up as the 2nd highest point scorer on the team earning 28 points. Patrick Sennot broke the 30 ft mark with a brand new personal record of 30.3 ft. Eighth graders Ryan FitzGerald, Kevin Maguire, and Marcus Reyes were recognized as rising stars for their strong season and their potential for great success in their events heading into high school.

Overall this season was an extremely strong and empowering one for the coaches, spectators, and athletes. These athletes help make our community stronger and we hope to see them making some big strides in the years to come. Making Millis High School proud!

Bringing Lockers Back

By Annie Rollag, 3/7/2022

After over a year of lugging school supplies around the school, we are finally getting back another piece of normality. Students had the option to sign up to receive a locker for the first time since 2020. Huge steps have been taken towards returning school to the way it functioned pre-covid. This is great news and could be indicating that we are nearing the end of our covid protocols.

The freshman and sophomores have not had lockers at all so far in their high school careers. This opportunity has created lots of enthusiasm and hope among the students. Freshman Kaitlyn Richards explains how she is "thrilled to be getting back to normal after nearly two long years.¨ She feels that ¨Carrying everything in my bag has been annoying. I couldn't fit everything I needed for the day in my backpack. Lockers are exactly what the school needs.¨

The future is looking bright as yet another covid precaution is lifted. Students can feel the normalcy returning and they could not be more excited.

What is Flex Learning?

By Kaitlyn Richards, 3/7/2022

This year Millis High School is welcoming a new program into its schedule. This program is called Flex Learning. Flex learning is a thirty minute period that occurs every B-day. Flex offers a variety of courses for students to choose from. Students can get extra help for a class they are struggling in, they can release some energy by taking part in activity class in the gym, or they can even spark some creativity by participating in crafting fun. Students sign up for the course they would like to attend during their advisory every other week.

Overall students are really enjoying the Flex period. Freshman Abby Wallace said “Flex is imperative to my success as a student. It is a good break from the week and it is good to either catch up on work or to talking with a teacher. I personally like it because I can craft with Mrs. Graham and talk to my friends.”

Teachers are also enjoying the flex period because they are able to offer courses such as “Intro to Calligraphy” or other courses they wouldn’t be able to teach without Flex. Overall the consensus between the students is that Flex is a valuable time and it was an excellent decision to add it into our schedules.

The Crimson Post Dec. 2021

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Drama Club Performs Mystery-Comedy Nov. 19 and 20.

By Anne Rollag. November 8, 2021

The Millis High School Drama Club is excited to put on But Why Bump Off Barnaby. The play follows the story of a wealthy family gathering, where everyone knows a bit more than they are letting on. The cast has been working hard to get this mystery, whodunit type play ready for the performance. Come see it November 19th and 20th at 7:00 in the High School Auditorium!



Mask policy brings MHS back-to-school and entirely in-person

By Jaden Adams. October 6, 2021

With the 2021-2022 school year starting one of the biggest questions, controversies, and things on people’s minds are masks. As of this week, the average number of cases in Massachusetts has risen to a seven-day average of one thousand eight hundred and eight two (New York Times). With cases on the rise for the past two or three months, the question of what to do about masks has come into focus at Millis High School.

Before the school year started the Millis School Committee held an open forum for the teachers, students, and people of Millis to voice their opinions and concerns regarding masks in the upcoming school year. Pediatricians, parents, and teachers alike spoke in support and in opposition to the mask policy that Millis would implement shortly after this meeting. Despite some protests, the school committee did ultimately vote in favor of masks for the returning school year. The official policy states, “In accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), and The Millis Board of Health, the following requirements are in place until further notice: A face mask is required for all individuals while in buildings owned or operated by Millis Public School District and while in any transportation vehicles owned and operated by Millis Public Schools”. This mandate is to be implemented until eighty percent or more of Millis public schools are vaccinated. There is set to be another meeting on October 1st. The Massachusetts Department of Secondary Education will make a decision as to whether vaccinated students can go maskless as long as over eight percent of a school is vaccinated. However, for the time being, it does not look like Millis will meet this credential. Even so, eight percent is not a number backed by any significance. For the time being it looks like Millis will continue with its required mask mandate in the interest of keeping its students and faculty safe.

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