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12th Edition

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-Dance Unit

 -Movie night


-8th-grade boys basketball 

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-8th Grade Interviews


-Guest Speaker

-Art contest


- P.E. Dance Unit 


-Photo Scavenger Hunt

-Class Photos

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-Air Pollution 

-Zero Waste

-Health and Happiness

-Sustainable Materials: Why the World Needs It

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 -Bite-sized fried chicken

- Video Game Survey

-Game Reviews

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     - Home Spelunky 

     - Fortnite


-The Beach


-Reaching for Cookies

-The Shot!

-The Plant


Hello Taylor students! Welcome to the twelth edition of the 2022-2023 Bulldog News! As we enter the last trimester of the school year, be prepared for new, upcoming events for all grades. As you freely explore Bulldog News's vast structure, remember that this was all possible by the Journalism team (Especially Ms. Record). This year, the Bulldog News includes information about sports, photos from some of our best photographers, our Journalism student One Planet Living projects, an all-new page solely for our student's opinions, a page full of wonders about our community, and thoughts from our students about school entertainment, arts, and crafts. I hope you have the best of luck and the remainder of the school year. 

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Journalism Team

  Editors: Kayla Montiague, Sophia Galang, &

 Ibrohimjon Akbarov.

Dance Unit by: Natalie Chen

We have been currently participating in the Dancing UNIT that our PE teachers had scheduled for us in February for the past several weeks. The reasoning for it is that it meets the California PE standard and offers numerous health advantages, including improving cardiovascular health, strengthening balance and muscles, and exercising the mind and body through using communication and creative abilities. Furthermore, dancing promotes physical activity, connection with others, the development of creative physical abilities, and a general sense of connection with our dance partners. You may embrace dance in many different areas of your existence, and it will always be there.

We'll speak specifically about the dances we've been performing throughout the course of our 4 weeks together, and find out more about everyone else's opinions and whether they find it amusing. The line dances we learned as students included the cupid shuffle, chicken dance, Michael Jackson, Happy song, and many more songs and rhythms. After a few weeks, this is now recognized as our warm-ups. We will, however, respect other people's perspectives and whether they enjoy them. After speaking to several people, including my friends! One of them named Angela Jia said, “My favorite dance is Micheal Jackson, and it gave me good exercise. I love doing it, and it wasn't embarrassing.” Another, who did not want their name revealed, remarked that they dance at home occasionally and love doing K-pop dances, but they are similar to the ones we do. The vast majority of them agreed that it had been a wonderful experience. Several of them, though, disliked it and preferred the sports that we used to participate in. We performed various partner dance techniques, including the pretzel, octopus, outward spin, double spin, and many more. We spent time together creating amazing combinations! Not only that, but we were allowed to choose anyone, even our friends, to dance throughout the week, but only one person per day. Several people claimed to enjoy having more fun and socializing, as well as building closer relationships. Furthermore, you are encouraged to offer your unique creativity and express yourself freely without fear of judgment! Moreover, it is a skill that many people still lack, and it may be employed for celebrations and other occasions where partner dancing is permitted. Partner dancing improves many circumstances by bringing pleasure and compassion into them.

Unfortunately, because dancing has ended, we will be returning next year! I must say that everyone will remember this as a memorable moment and will remember these movements in the future and be able to share them with others. In summary, I considered it a one-of-a-kind experience that was certainly worth the difficulties encountered along the way. I particularly enjoyed the warm-ups with my friends.

Movie Night by: 

YiXuan Jia

Why is this movie night important? It is important because the school district assumes that we work extremely hard in our academics and want us to relax a little. Furthermore, it is a fundraiser for the music program, which is why the tickets to access the auditorium cost two dollars to four dollars, depending on the date that you purchased them. The movie was shown last Friday and the movie that was selected and discussed was Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse with a 4.8 rating.  Numerous individuals engaged in this occasion and managed to have a wonderful experience. We were welcome to bring blankets and pillows, even wearing pajamas there, and set up anywhere we desired. Moreover, the foods that we could purchase were candy, pizza, popcorn, cookies, etc. The prices ranged from one dollar to 6 dollars. All of my friends had helped with distributing the portions of food. In addition, we helped each other to dispose of the trash that remained after the movie.

 Personally, I think the movie is great, but the room temperature was too cold. As well, I appreciated the service, because they come to the auditorium often to ask if anyone wants to order anything else. But, the popcorn was too salty. In general, I had a fantastic experience with my friends, and I hope that we get more occasions like this.