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Gwen McCluney

Mildred ISD District Library Media Specialist and Instructional Materials Coordinator

Amy Venable

Mildred JH/HS Library Assistant

Cassie Cooper

Mildred ES Library Assistant and Technology Teacher

Mildred ISD Media Center's Mission:

  • The mission of the Mildred ISD Library Media Centers is to encourage students to be life-long learners in addition to preparing them to be pragmatic users of information and technology.

  • This goal will be accomplished by:

  • Providing information and resources in a variety of formats within the media center.

  • Promoting the media center as a place of research, inquiry, and assistance.

  • Stimulating learning through the use of technology, research, inquiry, and analysis.

  • Working with faculty and staff to develop lessons and strategies to complement in class instruction.

  • Supporting the district’s curriculum and programs.