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Connecting Brazilian Music throughout the World

Whether you are new to Brazilian music, or you already have a passion for it, you are invited to join us for a unique and exciting experience!

Participants comments:

"Great experience, amazing process" Ellen Stein, USA (July 2021)

"I loved the final project result (audio and video) and have loved participating in its construction!" Mariana Netto, France (July 2021)

"I loved immersing in 'musica brasileira' with Mi La Musica's Brazilian Virtual Choir lab. The lessons were engaging and warm, with musical and Portuguese pronunciation detail covered expertly in a relaxed delivery. It was transformative and moving singing in this group and a pleasure to be guided by teachers with talent in spades." Diana Clark, Australia (July 2021)

"Wonderful work! Your amazing job of communicating so clearly that we could succeed in giving you the materials needed to make a fabulous final video is a testament to how much love you put into this project! I recommend the Brazilian Virtual Choir Lab to all singers, especially those whose primary language is English since the sounds unique to Portuguese help to access musculature that contributes to healthy singing habits in any language. I also recommend it to non-singers who love Brazilian music because of the safe and fun educational environment Vicente and Mila create, and I recommend it to anyone learning Brazilian Portuguese because the way that Vicente breaks down the sounds has improved my understanding of pronunciation even though I have an amazing Brazilian Portuguese teacher and wonderful friends in Brazil that help me. I think that singing melodies requires us to hold some vowel sounds longer than spoken language, so it made me aware that I was cheating before I took this class by saying certain words and phrases too fast to tell when I was making pronunciation mistakes! Thank you so much for providing such a fun and comfortable experience!" Shannon Dowling, USA (July 2021)

Check out our virtual school

The Brazilian Virtual Choir Lab

Live from Brazil with Vicente Costa Nucci

Coordinator: Mila Schiavo

Canada / USA - January 31st / April 11th (Mondays)

Australia -February 1st / April 12th (Tuedays)

New Program

Practice your English singing skills

Live from Melbourne with Australian Singer Diana May Clark

Coordinator: Mila Schiavo

A Two Days` Workshop / Stay Tuned for more information

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