Milaca Public School's distance Learning Site

Distance Learning will begin Monday, March 30th and will continue until at least May 5th as directed by the Govenor's Executive Order. Distance Learning could continue beyond May 5th as the situation is being continually monitored by state officials.

Below are the expectations for students and parents. Utilizing the link, Milaca Public's School Distance Learning Plan, additional information can be found to assist students and families through the Distance Learning Process.

Expectations for Students

Distance learning will look different for each student according to their age and ability for distance learning.

Note to students: You may be invited to join a live session with your teacher(s) using Google Meet. All online interaction is an extension of the physical classroom, and expectations of your behavior online is the same as we would expect in the classroom. When joining a live session, please mute your microphone. If you would like to speak, we ask that you use the built in chat tool and request to be unmuted. This will assist your teacher in providing the best learning experience possible. If you would prefer to join only by audio, you can click the webcam [ Off ] button.

  • PreK-2 grade students will connect to their teacher through phone, email, and Seesaw. Assignments and activities will be delivered electronically or paper-based, if needed.
  • Grades 3-12 will log onto their Google Classroom courses to connect with their teachers.
  • Assignment due dates will be determined by each teacher, just as they would on a regular school day.
  • Contact the teacher via email or voicemail if you have any questions about coursework.

Student Google Accounts: Student emails use the following format: (the year is the student’s graduation year).

Tips for Success

  • Establish a daily routine to support your learning
  • Identify a comfortable, quiet space so you can work effectively and successfully
  • Check your school Gmail and Google classroom sites frequently throughout the day
  • Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty, showing your learning
  • Communicate and support your friends and classmates regularly
  • Take breaks, play, and be active
  • Speak with adults at home or school if you need support or help

Expectations for Parents

The success of distance learning will require the full cooperation of students, teachers, and parents.

Note to Parents: Your child's teacher(s) may offer "live" webinar sessions using Google Meet. This will be a chance for your child to ask questions from their teacher and interact with their classmates. This is a valuable tool for distance learning as it helps to maintain the student-teacher relationship and enhance learning. Live sessions may be recorded by the teacher and posted on Google Classroom for students who are unable to attend the live session. If you would prefer your child joins only by audio, they can click the webcam [ Off ] button.

  • Talk with your student(s) about the importance of learning during these unusual circumstances.
  • Stay involved with your child’s distance learning by reviewing their materials and assignments.
  • Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or need additional support.
  • Develop a routine for your family that includes study time, breaks, and play.

Video Conferencing Etiquette - High School

Video Conferencing Etiquette- Elementary