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The Comeback Coach
Mike Searles & wife Emily
Melbourne, Australia

Keynote Talk

Getting Life & Business

(Motivation, Humour & Action)

5 Post Pandemic Challenges SME's Face Right Now

Post Pandemic Challenges Facing Business

  • Going from Zoom to office

  • Training newly hired staff

  • Retraining returning staff

  • Conflict resolution training

  • Getting business back on track

You know the current problem. People are feeling stressed about work.

The pandemic has changed the way people work and has permanently transformed employees’ relationship with and expectations of work.

"Some employees will return to work grieving the loss of a loved one who fell victim to the virus; some will deal with mental health issues that surfaced during the pandemic; some will grapple with financial constraints due to a spouse’s layoff; some will support children as they transition back to school after a year or more of online classes and social isolation from peers. The list goes on..." ~ Boris Groysberg, Professor of Business Administration in the Organizational Behavior unit at the Harvard Business School

How Do We Get Back On Track?

From my professional experience consulting independently with business owners, working with private clients as The Comeback Coach, recording interviews with experts for The Comeback Coach Podcast - and would you believe - what I learned from personal experience after being placed on a life-saving Mental Health Treatment Program in 2009 for recovery from major depression and substance addiction... I speak passionately on the topic of overcoming adversity with my speech, Getting Life & Business Back on Track.

Audience Experience

Audience members will experience real-life stories, inspiration, and unexpected laughs like never before. They'll also have clear and immediately actionable ‘comeback’ steps to follow.

Progress Towards Outcomes

Expect to see your audience rise from their seats at conclusion with a greater sense of being tougher than tough times. With self belief, courage and action steps towards being on track for success.

The Outcome: Belief, Courage, Action

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What People Say About Mike Searles

Dr. Joe Vitale -
Best-selling author, Speaker, Musician, USA

"Thank you, Mike! Your attentive presence and respect nurtured the best from me. I am grateful."

Lee Milteer -
Best-selling Author, Speaker, Mentor, USA

"Mike, thank you for all you do."

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson - Cognitive Scientist, author of 'The x10 Memeplex: multiply your business by ten!, AUSTRALIA

"I think what you are doing with the Comeback theme is spot on. Recovery is such a big part of human survival and growth. It’s especially relevant and helpful since we are all in Covid comeback mode one way or another."

Ron G. Holland -
Best-selling author, Talk & Grow Rich; The Millionaire Within, UK

"I still read (and enjoy) every single email that you send on a daily basis; because they are uplifting, inspirational and informative. I can’t think of a single example when I have not forwarded the daily message onto a client, a friend or someone in my own pipeline."

Venard Fong -
Martial Arts Champion, Pain Therapist, UK

"We pretty much hit the ground running and after a few minutes of Mike getting an idea of my business, he came up with suggestions that I would have never dreamed of considering. Ideas and suggestions that only someone with his depth and breadth of expertise can come up with."

Zivi Kivi -
Kid's Entertainment Entrepreneur, ISRAEL

"Put your seat-belt on and get ready, cause you are about to go on a helicopter ride with Mike as the co-pilot. You will look into your life... and identify the mindsets that are slowing you down so that you could make the breakthrough you are looking for."

Jenny Locklin -
Founder, Creative Message Media, USA

"We learned that you are a really nice likeable guy but more importantly, you have had quite a life story and that experience and you sharing it with others is the real gift."

Dr. Christopher Fischer -
Fischer Health & Rehab Center, Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA

"The workshop was very informative. Telling us your own story made it much more sincere and true to life."

Mike Searles

For Questions or Bookings
Email Mike Searles Direct