Our Mission

Mighty Community Advocacy was founded for youth who are in need of advocacy in our country's current oppressive systems such as hospitals, courts, and educational institutions.  We believe that all of our youth deserve body autonomy, trauma-informed care, agency over their own cases, access to culturally appropriate healing arts, and a thoughtful supportive reentry to a supportive peer community.  


It is our mission to support the healing and stability of individuals as they work to rebuild their empowerment, their communities, and create healthy healing chosen families.  We seek to realize a world where systems of oppression are dismantled, equity is at the root of how we care.  We believe pathways to trauma-informed care and support should be easily accessible to our community and more importantly the next generation.  True pathways to healing include accessible and sustainable healing arts that has been culturally curated for youth in trauma.


Pregnant Youth Full Spectrum Doula | (Abortion, Birth, and Loss) see "Mighty Doula Coalition"

Current Insurances Accepted in California - Medi-cal Stand Alone, CalViva/HealthNet, Kaiser

Pediatric Sexual Assault Response Team [SART] Advocacy

Youth and Foster Care SART Advocacy

Court Accompaniment and Advocacy (Family, DV, CSEC, SA)

Youth Domestic Violence Intervention and Response

Youth Parent Custody Advocacy


Doula and Reproductive Services Trainings

Referrals to Trauma-Informed Practitioners

Art Therapy Workshops

Community Healing Spaces

Career Development Workshops

Safety Planning Workshops

Survivor’s Family Healing Workshops

Prevention + Education

Youth Education Workshops | What Is Trauma?, Healthy vs Toxic Relationships

Healthy Sex Positive Education

Community Development

Community Education on Healthy Relationships

Cannabis + Holistic Healing | Education + Advocacy

Cannabis Education for Brands

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