Student Council

What is the MCU Student Council?

Are you interested in listening to and representing your student peers' voices? Are you interested in developing your leadership skills and experience? Are you interested in building a community of collaboration, connection, and problem solvers? Then the MCU Student Council is for you!

Who can serve on the Student Council?

If you are a second term BSM student or beyond, or graduate student, your perspective and experience are needed. Consider your availability between didactic work, clinical work, and personal responsibilities as you evaluate your interest in participating.

How much time does it take to be on the Student Council?

The Student Council meets for a minimum of once a month to discuss student council activities and student concerns. The Council also leads a welcome session during the new student orientation, and meets twice a term with MCU students in a public forum setting. The time commitment for student council members will vary depending on projects, but will likely be between 6-10 hours per month. Active engagement in the Council is a baseline expectation for all current Council members.

How long is the commitment?

Student Council nominations are actively requested at the beginning of each Fall Term and in general, new Council members will begin their official duties at the beginning of the Winter Term (January) through the end of Fall Term (December). Students may also apply to join the Student Council at any point during the year. In general, new members will be onboarded during the new member's first term on the Council. The total length of the initial commitment is 4 terms (onboarding followed by one full year of service), with the opportunity to renew.

Can I serve more than one term?


Can I step off the council early?

The Student Council appreciates a 1-term notice if you plan to step down before the end of your term.

How do I join the Student Council?

Just keep reading below for details on how to join the Student Council.

How to Join Student Council

1. Complete the Volunteer Application HERE.

5. The current and outgoing Student Council members will review applications at least annually, and ensure adequate representation on the council for the upcoming year. They will provide on-boarding to the new Student Council members through the new member's first term on the Council.

Student Council Positions

The student council desires to build a more supportive, inclusive, and engaging community. To that end, we’ve done away with the traditional hierarchical structure of the council and replaced it with a horizontal structure that we feel better reflects our spirit and philosophy as midwifery students, and that we hope will allow for greater student input and dialogue. Instead of having a president, vice president, and so on, the council works within a community and egalitarian structure, one of mutual participation and collaborative decision-making, using an informal consensus decision-making model.

Discrimination-Free Community

The Midwives College of Utah, as an institution of higher education and as a community of scholars and midwives, affirms its commitment to the elimination of discrimination and discriminatory harassment, and to the provision of equal opportunity for all. A key objective of the Midwives College of Utah is the creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere of nondiscrimination in every phase and activity of College operations.

MCU is committed to providing equal opportunity and equal access and to complying with all applicable federal and state of Utah laws and regulations and MCU non-discrimination policies and procedures. Federal and Utah state statutes and regulation and the MCU policies prohibit discrimination, including discriminatory harassment & retaliation, against preceptors and those seeking preceptor approval at the College.

To view MCU’s Non-Discrimination Policy in its entirety, click here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email the Director of Student Services at