Home Activities


Here are some fun ideas of ways to keep up with some of the skills we have been working on during our therapy sessions.

Pick a brain break to complete before you start working, to help get your mind and body ready.


  • Make letters out of Play-doh

  • Make letters on the sidewalk with chalk

  • Draw letters on the sidewalk using a squirt gun

  • Finger paint letters

  • Use a dry erase board - make a letter then trace to erase

  • Spread shaving cream on the bathtub wall - write letters in it

  • Use a crayon to print on a paper with sandpaper under it

  • Try to use your body to form the shape of each letter

  • Print each letter with a highlighter and have your child trace it


  • Play with Play-doh - mash it, ball it, roll it out then cut it

  • Pull stickers off of a sheet to make a picture

  • Help roll out cookie dough

  • Chalk outside - draw pictures, shapes, print the alphabet

  • Play with a pool ball - squeeze out the water

  • Color in a coloring book

  • Finger Paint

  • Cut - coupons, art projects, paper roads, snips

  • Make necklaces - use pasta noodles, cereal, beads

  • Make pictures - use pasta noodles, cereal, beads

  • Count grapes/cereal/popcorn kernels/small food items - transfer from one bowl into another one at a time


  • Do mazes

  • Do dot-to-dots

  • Do hidden pictures

  • Do spot the difference pages

  • Word Search puzzles

  • Copy block designs

  • Practice completing a partially drawn picture

  • Play memory match games

  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle

  • Sorting activities

  • Games like Perfection

  • Construction bricks like Lego, Duplo or others

  • Draw a self-portrait (make sure arms and legs come from the body)