About Mrs. Lucas

Hello! My name is Mrs. Katie Lucas. I am so excited for my fourth year at Midland as a Learning Support Teacher. In the past I have also taught Kindergarten at Propel Charter Schools and Special Education at Familylinks. My husband and I live with our son, Colton and dog, Radley, in Hopewell. I am so excited for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

Contact Information

e-mail - katie.lucas@midlandpa.org

google voice # - 724-252-4693

school phone # - 724-643-8650

ext. 227


Attention all students, parents and guardians:

If a student is home for any reason they are responsible for checking ALL google classrooms/teacher websites for lesson plans and assignments EACH DAY. Due dates for assignments such as AOW, AR, iReady, Questions of the Day, will NOT change and will be expected to be submitted/completed ON TIME! If a student is struggling with individual assignments they need to reach out to me for help ASAP!

ONLY students who have been approved by administration should be on the Zoom meetings. Please make sure you are contacting the office with the reason absences and for their recommendation/guidance. When returning to school MAKE SURE you have an excuse for the dates you were out.

Any questions or concerns please contact me: katie.lucas@midlandpa.org or Google Voice: (724) 252-4693‬

Lucas Classroom