Alternative Learning Programs and Schools (ALPS) are safe, orderly, caring and inviting learning environments that assist students with overcoming challenges that may place them "at-risk" of academic failure. The goal of each program and school is to provide a rigorous education while developing individual student strengths, talents, and interests.

Alternative Learning Programs are defined as services for students at risk of truancy, academic failure, behavior problems, and/or dropping out of school. Such services should be designed to better meet the needs of students who have not been successful in the traditional school setting.

Our Mission: The Meshing Initiatives with Alternative Youth Education (MIWAYE) is a non-traditional educational program designed to meet the needs of students in grades 9-12 who are experiencing difficulties in the traditional school setting as a result of academic, behavioral, or adjustment issues. MI-WAYE provides innovative, flexible, individualized instruction and a holistic, hands-on approach to learning that addresses a variety of learning styles and skill levels.

Our Vision: The vision of the program is to provide a safe, caring, individualized approach to education that addresses the needs of the whole child, breaks all barriers to graduation, and sets the foundation for post secondary success.

We Value:

Relationships - We strive to create meaningful relationships with all students, parents, and staff.

Diversity - We respect individual differences: cultures, interests and abilities.

Integrity - We value honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

High Expectations - We achieve excellence by cultivating students' strengths, addressing individual needs, and implementing accountability.

Student Centered Environment - We create actively engaging student-centered classrooms. 

Communication - We establish a sense of community where students, staff, and parents feel connected to and supported by one another.