our history

In 1941, The Dunbar School, named in honor of the African-American poet Paul Dunbar, was completed on West McLelland Avenue. Additions of a cafeteria and six classrooms were made in 1957, 1959, and 1964 to meet the needs of the high school program.

Naurice F. Woods (N.F. Woods) was the principal and continued to be principal for thirty-five years. Woods retired from the position in 1972. After Mooresville integrated in the late 1960's, The Dunbar school was reopened in 1972 as Woods Elementary School, renamed in honor of Naurice F. Woods. The school remained an elementary school until the early nineties.

In 1993, Woods Elementary School reopened as a campus of Mooresville High School. It was named N.F. Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center. In 2017-2018 , the school experienced changes where all Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs moved to the Mooresville High School main campus, except for the automotive program. Additionally, N.F. Woods became the campus for the MIWAYE high school and middle school programs. Currently in 2020-2021, the N.F. Woods campus serves 9th-12th grade students in the MIWAYE program.

Our students

The MIWAYE program serves a diverse group of students at various academic levels, as we are a part of Mooresville High School (MHS). MHS students come from various socioeconomic backgrounds; 34% of our student population receives free/reduced meals. Additionally, approximately 14% of our students receive Exceptional Children services.

We offer a variety of class levels including inclusion, college prep, and Advanced Placement. We also offer visual and performing arts classes including various levels of band, chorus, theatre, and art classes. We currently offer nine Advanced Placement classes, as well as numerous opportunities for students to take courses through North Carolina Virtual Public School and Mitchell Community College.

Students are prepared for post-secondary life through these various political, athletic, career, academic, and hobby-based clubs, as well as digital citizenship lessons. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated, confident, and constantly seeking opportunities for success.

our staff

N.F. Woods employs 12 staff members. We teach the four core subject areas, employing two English teachers, one mathematics teacher, one mathematics/social studies teacher, one social studies teacher, and one science teacher.

Additionally, we have two teacher assistants, one exceptional children’s teacher, one guidance counselor, one office secretary, one custodian, and one administrator.

class size

The average class size in the MIWAYE Program is 12 students. Our students all have been assigned 1:1 MacBook laptops. Teachers also have access to Macbook laptops in order to learn technology skills and integrate technology into the class curriculum.

The schedule at N.F. Woods allows for early release days for district, school, and staff teams to focus on student improvement goals, curriculum alignment, development of performance assessments, and professional improvement activities to help ensure that students will master the Essential Standards of the Common Core Curriculum.