Enrichment: Computer Science

Course Overview


In this designed-to-be fun course, students learn programming concepts, computational thinking, and develop problem-solving skills and persistence. The foundational concepts of programming are taught using drag and drop blocks rather than a text language. Along the way, they create computer programs including interactive games and creative projects they can share.

Much of the work will be done through projects designed by code.org coupled with instrutor designed supplementl lessons and extensions.

"These courses teach the foundational concepts of programming using drag and drop blocks rather than a text language such as JavaScript or Python. Blocks are an easier way to get started and even top universities today begin their classes with block-based programming." --code.org

Coding themes that we will explore include:

  • Sequencing

  • Loops

  • Conditionals

  • Functions

  • Variables

  • For Loops

  • Sprites (Scripted Objects)