Middle Georgia RESA School Improvement


Targeted Support and Intervention Schools (Tier II)

  • Consistently Under-Performing Subgroup: The school has at least one subgroup performing in the lowest 5% of all schools in at least 50% of CCRPI components.

  • Additional Targeted Support: Among all schools identified in the “Consistently Under-performing Subgroup” category, the school has at least one subgroup that is performing in the lowest 5% of schools in all CCRPI components.

Comprehensive Support and Intervention Schools (Tier III)

  • Lowest 5%: Title I schools that, when ranked according to their three-year CCRPI average, are among the lowest performing 5% of Title I schools in the state.

  • Low Graduation Rate: High schools with a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate less than or equal to 67%.

Promise Schools Between 5% and 10% (Tier III)

  • Between 5% and 10%

  • Same criteria as schools on the CSI List

Turn Around Schools (Tier IV)

  • First Priority Act - HB 338

  • Identified schools have a three-year average College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score that is in the bottom five percent of the state, excluding non-traditional schools and state special schools.

  • The 2018 list includes all schools with a three-year CCRPI average of 55.3 and below. The list contains schools from 33 districts, which consist of 62 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, and 10 high schools.