4.Writing And Formulating Evidence Based Research Papers
15.Vertebroplasty and Bone Biopsy-Radio Diagnosis SSSMCRI .pdf
13. Evidence Based Education and Clinical Practice-Community Medicine,SSSMCRI.pdf
12.Holistic Approach of Yoga therapy in Health and Diseases - CYTER.pdf
2.PCR Techinque and its application in Molecular Genetics-Anatomy.pdf
7.Hands on Workshop on the basic of Immunohistochemistry-Oral Pathology, IGIDS.pdf
11.Molecular Genomic Analysis of Archived Human Specimens-CIDRF.pdf
9.Hands on Workshop on Soft Tissue Laser -Periodontology, IGIDS.pdf
1.Cadaveric Workshop on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery-Orthopeadics.pdf
6.Role of Music Therapy in stress Management-CMTER .pdf
10.Workshop on Questtionare based study method, Development and Evaluation-Dental Research Committee.pdf
5.Let's Explore, apply and design educational research-CHPE.pdf
8.Hands on CBCT and Its application in dental implantology-Oral Medicine, IGIDS.pdf


3.Simulation Based Health Care Education- Simulation Essentials for Health Care Education-Medical SImulation Center.pdf
14.Mobile Based Data Capture- Medical Education Unit-SSSMCRI.pdf