Research and Professional Practice


Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University (SBV) is an Unitary Healthsciences University with four Constituent Colleges:

In Addition, the University features the 'Central Interdisciplinary Research Facility' (CIDRF) which is a premium dedicated research facility.

The Faculty of the University publish primarily under the name of their primary affiliated college. Any search under Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth might not be able to discover all the publications.

The search needs to be customised to accommodate and account for discovery of all the publications by including all the five constituent units.

The total publications of SBV are 2036 in indexed journals and 599 in non-indexed journals, bringing the total publications to 2635 as on 30 September 2016.

Any discrepancy in the count may be resolved by referring to the exhaustive statistics in the documents below or by writing to us at:

2.017COP003 - SBVU Insight Report(Jan 2008-Sep 2016).docx
SBV Publications.xlsx