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Metamask Extension: the Crypto Wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and Nfts

An in-detail guide for fresh users of the MetaMask extension

MetaMask is a digital wallet used to store cryptocurrency which is known for the vast variety of Ethereum-based tokens and non-fungible tokens supported by it. Experienced traders find the usage and navigation of the wallet really convenient and simple. But, new traders or users may find the navigation of the wallet a bit difficult and complicated. One of its main limitations is that it does not support Bitcoin which is a big one for traders who mainly invest in Bitcoin. In this article, we are going to take you through all the details which you will need for using the MetaMask extension.

What is MetaMask wallet?

It is counted amongst the most commonly used browser extensions that is used for the storage of Ethereum and many other tokens. Downloading the MetaMask extension is absolutely free and comes with total security.

Pros of MetaMask extension wallet 

Cons of MetaMask extension wallet

MetaMask extension download and install

Following are the procedures to download and install MetaMask browser extension for different platforms:

MetaMask extension wallet setup process

MetaMask extension login

To do the MetaMask extension login, you will initially need to create an account for the same.

The steps to create an account are as follows:

MetaMask extension not working

Here are some of the fixes which you can use if MetaMask extension is not working properly:


MetaMask extension is one of the two available versions of the MetaMask wallet which is a crypto wallet. It has a vast variety of features which makes it the main place for users who are really interested in NFTs and Web3 and also want to build decentralized applications on the platform. We have tried our best to make you familiar with different aspects and issues related to the user experience of MetaMask extension as a whole. We hope you make full use of this article and get benefitted from it in the best possible way.