Met Distance Learning

Big Ideas: met Virtual Learning

  • We are engaging in a vast social experiment - we should work to maintain an experimental mindset working to design, test, and redesign as necessary. We won’t get it right the first time. Don’t Panic. Don’t try to be perfect.

  • Hold to the Big Ideas: Communication, Collaboration, Holistic Learning, Consistency, Realistic Expectations, Relationships

  • We work with families holistically. We keep in mind the lives of students and families and when possible, make that the work. Check in on how they are feeling and what they may need. Track this info and share with principals. There will be a place for us to support in other ways.

  • We have heard from our Big Picture School in Northern Italy (Fabio!) who has passed on some suggestions to us:

    • Our goal will be to provide routine and support for students. Most work will be structured asynchronously. Some check-ins will be scheduled to support a routine. They have learned that routine is important- some will and should be synchronous.

    • When you give an assignment, it works better to give clear directions and a specific due day or time. Remember that it is likely to take a longer time working at home than with your in person support.

    • Communicate often and consistently.

      • With students and families - Your relationships are key now more than ever

      • Team members - our collaborative effort will win the day.

    • What is listed here for specific assignments are suggestions. You know your students. You know your situation. Our goal is to balance supporting their learning in the most real and personalized way, and supporting their current reality. If we send out assignments, they are to support making your life easier. We ask that you share your struggles and success so that we can all learn and improve through the process.

  • Provide opportunities to do work off a screen: Do something physical, take a walk, help around the house, interview a family member, do some art, craft, or make music - something creative etc.

Our Current Schedule

Distance Learning Schedule:

Thursday and Friday April 9th and 10th - Vacation days per order of the Governor

Friday April 17th - Professional Development Day per order of the Governor. For the Met- Grade level meetings in the Morning, Small school meetings in the afternoon.

April 30th - the Governor Re-Evaluates the status of Distance Learning in the State and makes a decision about continuing or not.

Monday, March 23rd. - This will be a Professional development Day (moved from Friday, March 27th). Staff will connect with you and your student to review the plan and specific schedules.

Tuesday, March 24th - Distance Learning Begins with a Morning Advisory Zoom Conference. Advisors will be finalizing trimester 2, and beginning Trimester 3 work. Work then continues according to the plan detailed below. During these first two weeks we will survey families about our progress.

By Friday, April 3rd - The Met will communicate to you what we know about any next steps for Distance Learning - how long it might last and what our next steps as a community are. If we continue, Advisors will reach out to you with modified learning plans for students to complete Trimester 3.

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