Met 2 CCRI

NEW! SPRING 2019 ACN Enrollment Dates Oct. 29 - Dec. 21

CCRI Online Enrollment ends January 4. Go to CCRI Class Selection page.

Remember Your Responsibilities as a College Student

Though still in high school, once enrolled in a CCRI or ACN class, you are now a college student. You are responsible for going to every class, even on Met days off. You must meet the course expectations, strict deadlines, take notes, and keep up with the course syllabus. The syllabus will tell you the professor's office hours. BE SURE to visit your professor during office hours to introduce yourself and ask any questions you might have. The syllabus will also list what you can expect to learn and what is expected from you such as:

  • An overview of course content and learning objectives for the course
  • Reading assignments with due dates
  • Papers, tests, oral reports, or projects required
  • An explanation of how you will be graded (grading policies)
  • Class policies on attendance, lateness, retaking tests, late assignments, plagiarism, classroom behavior

Wondering about the differences between ACN and CCRI? Check out the chart below and think about what best fits your learning goals.