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MetaMask Extension | Download and Install MetaMask 

MetaMask extension- A gateway to access Ethereum-enabled dapps and store crypto assets 

One of the most reputed crypto wallets in the crypto market space is the MetaMask wallet. Along with working as a crypto wallet, it serves to be an amazing place to access and work with the Ethereum-enabled decentralized apps (dapps). Hence, if you are wondering how to start using this diverse wallet, then this article has got you covered from start to end. 

But, before I take you through the stages to use it, I would like you to know that this wallet is available in the form of a MetaMask extension that can be installed and added to different web browsers. In addition to that, the wallet can also be installed on Android and iOS mobile devices in the form of its mobile app. 

I hope you got my point and now I will take you through the complete procedure to do so. 

Method to get the MetaMask Browser extension 

In just a few simple steps, the MetaMask extension can be installed on your mobile device. To perform this action, you can refer to the steps laid down below:

In a similar manner, you can get the MetaMask extension for Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Opera, kiwi and Brave web browser. 

How do I download and install MetaMask Chrome extension?

Since Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers, therefore, we are giving separate instructions for downloading and installing MetaMask on this web browser:

If you have successfully installed the MetaMask extension on your web browser, then it will automatically open for the first time. To open it again, you simply need to click on the "Puzzle" icon presented on your Chrome from where you can pick MetaMask from the extensions list. On other web browsers, the extensions can be extracted through its shortcuts. 

The MetaMask wallet login process 

For a quick MetaMask login, here's what you have to do:

Is there a MetaMask Chrome extension for Android mobile? 

MetaMask in the form of its extension is not available on an Android device. However, MetaMask is available through a mobile-friendly application for iOS and Android devices. You can install the MetaMask app on your device either via the website or through the respective application store of your device. 

How to update MetaMask extension?

For enjoying a seamless journey with your wallet, you need to make sure that you update it on a regular basis. Hence, to update MetaMask extension, you should know the correct method to do so. Here we are with the steps that can be followed if you are looking forward to doing that:

Once done with this, the extension file will get refreshed and you'll be able to use the newest version of MetaMask. I hope this section helped you in getting your hands on the latest version of MetaMask. 

MetaMask extension not showing- Here's why?

Have you recently added Metamask extension to your browser but you are not able to locate where it is present? Is the MetaMask extension not showing on your browser despite trying hard? Well, you first need to figure out the main reason behind this problem so that we can decide what steps we need to take to come out of this situation. Here is why it might be happening:

Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you know the correct way to locate it. For this purpose, you just have to expand the extensions section on your browser. In Chrome, the extensions can be located by selecting the puzzle icon given on the browser taskbar. And, the metamask extension is represented by a fox-face icon. 

Say goodbye to MetaMask extension issues 

No matter what is the reason behind your facing issues with your MetaMask extension, there are several sure short ways through which you can eliminate the issue at the earliest. The best ways to tackle the issue are given below:


To summarize this article, it would not be wrong to say that MetaMask is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets out there. The only drawback of this wallet is that you cannot use it to store Bitcoins or cryptos that are built on blockchains other than Ethereum. But, the rest of the wallet features are amazing and you surely can put your trust in this wallet. For more details on the MetaMask extension, make sure that you give read the FAQs section available here. 


How do I install MetaMask wallet extension?

From your Chrome web browser, visit the official MetaMask website i.e. On the download page, you need to select the "Install MetaMask for Chrome" option and then select the "Add to Chrome" option. After following some easy prompts, the extension would be added to your web browser. 

What is the official MetaMask extension?

MetaMask extension is widely used for accessing Ethereum-enabled decentralized apps. To access this extension, you can install it on web browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Opera, Firefox, and Edge. The file for the official extension can be extracted via the webpage. 

Can I add MetaMask extension on iPhone?

MetaMask extension is designed only for web browsers, therefore you cannot have its extension installed on your mobile device. Meanwhile, if you are planning to use MetaMask on your mobile device, then you can easily do so by installing its mobile device. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store on iPhone and is available on the website as well. 

Can I open MetaMask on multiple devices? 

If you have the correct secret recovery of your MetaMask wallet, then you surely can access your wallet on as many devices as you want. For the purpose of accessing your wallet on multiple devices, you just need to install the MetaMask extension or the wallet app on your device, select the option to import the wallet, and then open it after feeding the apt secret recovery phrase.