Download MetaMask Extension | MetaMask for Chrome

MetaMask Chrome Extension: Explore the ETH Blockchain

If you are a newcomer in the crypto industry, you are probably looking for a secure wallet to hold your purchased assets so that you can sleep peacefully without any worries. Well! I am here to aid you with the same by introducing a best-in-industry crypto wallet with top-notch security.

The name of that wallet is MetaMask, which is available for numerous browsers in the form of extensions such as MetaMask Chrome extension, MetaMask Firefox extension etc. Along with this, it will also allow you to use it on mobile via the MetaMask app.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the detailed exploration to be familiar with MetaMask Wallet & learn how to download MetaMask extension

First, be acquainted with MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is one of the trusted and well-established crypto wallets that enables user interaction with decentralized applications (dApps) based on the Ethereum blockchain. And, if we look at what makes it easy to use, its availability as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera and Edge & as a mobile app for Android and iOS, making it easily accessible to a huge user base. Once you download MetaMask extension or the app, you're good to go. 

Key Takeaways of MetaMask Wallet

After getting familiar with MetaMask and the benefits you get when you download MetaMask extension, if you have decided to utilize it further, let’s walk through the process of installing it on your device.

An approach for downloading MetaMask Chrome Extension

As we know, MetaMask supports different browsers, you can install the MetaMask extension for any supported browser. In this read, we will elaborate on downloading the MetaMask Chrome extension. Have a glance at the needful quick steps to accomplish the downloading process.

Once the MetaMask Wallet get downloaded on your device, you can get started with its usage by creating a wallet there.

Here’s how to create a wallet in MetaMask Chrome Extension

After installing the extension, the first thing you need to do is, create a wallet. Like other crypto wallets, MetaMask doesn’t ask you to perform a sign-up, you can directly create a wallet without revealing your identity. Here’s the process to create a wallet on MetaMask.

This is all you need to do in order to create a wallet on the MetaMask Chrome extension. The wallet creation process is the same for all browser extensions and mobile apps. Once your wallet is created, you can make use of it to store, send and receive crypto assets.

Note: MetaMask Chrome extension for Android mobile doesn’t work as extensions don’t work on mobiles. You need to install the mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to use MetaMask on mobile. And, among MetaMask extension for Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Opera, Kiwi and Brave, MetaMask not supports all. You need to use Firefox, Brave, Edge, Chrome or Opera browser to use its extension.

The process to unlock your MetaMask wallet

Keeping your MetaMask unlocked when it is not in use is not a wise move, once you are done with working on the process to download MetaMask, make sure to lock it for security purposes. And, you can unlock it anytime by following the actions outlines below.

Look at the way to reset your MetaMask password

For security concerns, it is advised to change your MetaMask password periodically, here is how you can reset your password on MetaMask Chrome Extension.

This is the way to reset your password, but in case, you forget the password, you will need your wallet’s seed phrase to reset the password.

Troubleshooting tips for MetaMask Chrome Extension

The Final Verdict!

MetaMask Wallet is a free-of-cost crypto wallet that doesn’t only works as a crypto wallet but also permits its users to make interaction with dApps on the ETH network. This read will help you in commencing your journey with the MetaMask Chrome extension. So, go through this read and make your crypto trading more secure and convenient.