MetaMask Log in - Buy, store, send and swap tokens

MetaMask login- A beginner-friendly tutorial to use MetaMask

Initially released in the year 2016, MetaMask comes as a browser extension and a mobile application allowing users to have an easy interaction with the dApps. Now, if you are well-equipped with the background knowledge of what crypto trading and blockchain technology are, then it would be easy for you to understand about MetaMask.

However, if you are a beginner and you have just begun your crypto trading journey, then also understanding MetaMask would not be a challenging task for you. You can always refer to this tutorial and make sure that you know all the essential details about using MetaMask, how to undergo the MetaMask log in process, and alike. So, if you are ready to learn more about it, let's get right into the topics.

The sign up steps

To sign up on MetaMask, you should first download the MetaMask browser extension via or install the MetaMask application on your mobile phone. Once you have got the extension or the app on your device, you can go ahead with the steps listed below to sign up for an account:

  1. Either launch the MetaMask app on your device/open the extension

  2. If an update is available and you wish to get the updates, click "try it now"

  3. Followed by this, click on the "Continue" option

  4. Now, you need to create a strong password for the MetaMask login

  5. Enter the same password one more time to confirm it

  6. Finally, click on the "Create" button to set up your account

  7. Follow the rest of the prompts and you'll have your account ready

Important: At this stage, you will be shown a secret phrase using which you can access your wallet whenever you want on any device. Please note down this phrase at a convenient and safe location.

MetaMask wallet - Buy, Send and Swap Crypto

The primary objective why a lot of users are using MetaMask log in is because of the wallet services it provides users with. Using MetaMask wallet, you can buy, send or swap Ethereum based cryptocurrencies that too very conveniently. Using MetaMask is an extremely practical as well as easy task. All you have to do is get the browser extension added to your web browser or install the MetaMask mobile app on your device, create your account to set up your wallet, and you're done.

How to download and install MetaMask wallet?

To download the MetaMask App on your Android or iOS device, you need to follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. Tap open the Application Store on your device

  2. Search for the MetaMask app

  3. Click the "Get" or "Install" option to have the app downloaded

  4. Followed by this, click on the relevant options to set up your wallet

Installing MetaMask Browser extension

In the different sections below, we shall learn how to install Metamask wallet on different web browsers and then complete the MetaMask login process:

MetaMask extension for Chrome

  1. From your Chrome browser, go to

  2. After this, click "Install MetaMask for Chrome"

  3. Then, select the button labeled as "Add to Chrome"

  4. On the final screen, select "Add extension"

MetaMask extension for Firefox

  1. Go to the official website of MetaMask

  2. After this, click on the "Download Now" option on the main screen

  3. Next up, you need to select the option to install MetaMask on Firefox

  4. Followed by this, you simply need to click on the upcoming options to complete the process

MetaMask Brave extension

  1. At first, visit from your Brave/Edge browser

  2. Scroll down and select the option to install the extension

  3. Click the option to add the MetaMask extension to your relevant browser

  4. Once you are done with this, you can start using your wallet

The MetaMask password reset process

To reset your MetaMask, make sure you have the secret recovery phrase. In case you do not have the secret recovery phrase, you will not be able to reset the password under any circumstances. To begin the process, follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. Begin by opening the MetaMask extension

  2. If your wallet is not locked, please "Log Out" first

  3. On the MetaMask login page, click the "Import using secret recovery phrase" option

  4. Enter the secret recovery phrase with care

  5. Now, enter your new password in the given field

  6. Re-type the same password to verify it and click "Restore"

Note: If you forgot MetaMask password reset, then you can reset your wallet password one more time using the secret recovery phrase.

Fixes to troubleshoot MetaMask problems

If you are having general issues with the MetaMask extension, then you can apply the following fixes to get the problems resolved instantly. Here is what you can do:

  • The first thing that you can do is restart your web browser

  • After this, you simply need to uninstall and reinstall the extension

  • If that does not troubleshoot the problem, lock and unlock the wallet

  • You can also search through the MetaMask Community forums to get the problem fixed

  • If you are having MetaMask login problems, try resetting your password or importing the wallet


From the process to signing up on MetaMask log in, to installing and using MetaMask extension, this detailed read covers a wide range of topics. If you ever face problems with MetaMask, then you can follow the tips that are listed in this post or learn to reset the password of your account in case you are having trouble accessing your wallet. And, to never lose access to your funds, make sure you have the secret recovery phrase kept safe with you.