MetaMask Sign in - Buy, store, send and swap tokens

We’ll help you install the plugin and the MetaMask sign in!

MetaMask has been conquering its goals and achieving great heights of success by providing premium security parameters to the crypto wealth of crypto traders (both new and advanced). Although it has been functioning as a wallet extension, the security protocols are getting recognized as some of the best in the world of digitization.

It is essential to keep in mind that MetaMask can only support storing and transacting in Ether or any other ETH-based crypto. And the easy MetaMask sign in procedure has been adding to the improvements that users all over the world have been witnessing and experiencing.

For this read, we have decided to bring the MetaMask Wallet service under the spotlight and we will be sharing the most important details, without which it is almost impossible to begin your journey on the wallet service. Don’t you worry, it’s about your crypto safety and we’ve got your back!

Reading through the exclusive and highly equipped data piece below, you’ll get to know the installation steps, the account registration procedure, the mobile version of the wallet, the steps to add the AVAX token and the Binance Smart Chain token, along with the list of available tokens and the resolutions for when the extension stops working.

Procedure to completely download and install MetaMask 

As you may know, the MetaMask Wallet service was initially launched as a web browser extension, and therefore was known to be compatible with the four exclusive browser variants – Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge. That is still the case but the brand has additionally launched its own mobile application service that supports both Android and iOS devices. However, if we talk about the browsers, Chrome is reported to be the most used variant for installing the extension and benefiting from it. Therefore, enlisted are the steps you’d have to follow to access the MetaMask extension on Chrome:

Note: And now, it is time for you to learn the steps for an efficient MetaMask login with password.

Explicit steps for a functioning MetaMask wallet account 

The section above is a detailed guide for downloading and/or installing the exclusive MetaMask sign in extension, and here, this section has been equipped with a quick and detailed guide to setting up a wallet account on the extension portal:

Note: Just as you finish the registration, you can use the wallet account for your crypto transactions (as allowed by the service platform). Also, the password you settle for must be used correctly, every time you attempt the MetaMask Sign in steps.

You’ve been looking for MetaMask Chrome extension mobile? 

The wallet service that we have been discussing was launched as a web browser plugin or as we call it a browser extension. And it is quite understandable that people have been looking for ways to install the extension on their mobile phones, after all, it is the easy way. However, we hate to break it to you that there is no such MetaMask extension version that is compatible with your smartphones.

Although we are overjoyed to tell you that there is an official mobile application made available on both App Store and Play Store for your iOS and Android smartphones, respectively. But again, you know how cybercrime has been rising, right? We have been seeing complaints and reports of fake MetaMask apps that invade privacy. So, just go to use it to get the app. Then either make a new account or move forward with the MetaMask sign in steps.

Learn the steps to add Avalanche to MetaMask account 

Avalanche or AVAX is one of the ETH-based crypto tokens that the MetaMask wallet account is designed to support. Here, we’ll help you add your AVAX tokens by adding the token network to your wallet account:

Details on how to add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask 

Binance Coin (BNB) is a Binance Smart Chain token that functions on the Ethereum blockchain. And this part of the read will help you with adding the Smart Chain network to your MetaMask wallet account so that you can work with BNB later:

Stroll through the small list of MetaMask tokens 

This part of the data piece tells you about a few compatible tokens you can transact with, once you’ve completed your MetaMask sign in. So, let’s take you on a stroll through the list:

What should you do if you see MetaMask not working? 

Well, being a technical product, there are several things that you can go wrong and sometimes those glitches result in a bigger problem and makes the wallet service non-operational. That is where you encounter the MetaMask not working issue. We figured that every user will come across the issue at least once, and so we’ve enlisted the resolutions that we think would effectively help you overcome such issue:


As we near the end of this highly equipped read, we think it is important for you to know that the MetaMask wallet has managed to achieve all its goals and has begun to set new ones. One of the initial and primary objectives that it achieved was to provide high-quality safety parameters to traders’ crypto funds and that made the service reach for the headlines.

With this read, we have tried to maintain our focus on the specifics that can help you with the MetaMask sign in along with helping you improve your overall crypto safety. You have learned the steps that you’ll be undertaking to install and register on the extension. That is followed by details on its mobile application, token addition procedure, compatible token list, and the fixes to employ when it doesn’t work.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I access MetaMask in Chrome? 

The MetaMask Wallet service was ideated and designed to be supported by browsers as it was launched as a browser extension. Brave, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox have been the four web browsers that support its use since its inception. It may not be a surprise, but it’s a fact that Chrome was declared the most used browser for the installation of the exclusive wallet extension. And we have listed the steps that you would have to follow if and when you decide in favor of its installation:

Does MetaMask have a username? 

Tons of online services have been launched over the Internet after its development and digitization of lifestyles. Cryptocurrencies as well as crypto-related services are functioning online. Thus, it is unavoidable that you need an account on the wallet platform so that you are able to undergo the steps of MetaMask sign in. And when account creation cannot be avoided, how are you supposed to prevent the creation of account usernames? So, to answer your doubt, MetaMask does have a mandatory rule of usernames. You are granted access to be creative about your wallet usernames, or you can just go ahead with your email and the like. Also, you have an optional choice to apply for the wallet login details so that it is entirely parallel to the wallet account identity. 

Can I use MetaMask on my phone and computer? 

According to our knowledge becoming an active member on the MetaMask wallet platform is highly facile and requires your minimal effort. Once you’ve downloaded the wallet extension and created your wallet account post-launching it, you may begin trading. However, every time you log out, you will be entitled to use your wallet account password in order to complete your MetaMask sign in procedure. But everything we told you here is for when you use the extension on your desktop or laptop browsers. If you want to use the wallet service on your phone, you have to know that there is an exclusive mobile application that has been operational for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Now, even though you might be able to use the wallet extension on your phone as well as your computer, you may face difficulty in figuring out the authentic application, and that is because cyber crooks have been launching fake and mostly identical apps to initiate a cyber attack. Thus, we recommend you install the extension as well as the app via the official wallet website. 

How do I find my MetaMask wallet ad? 

We have been working with crypto for quite some time now and the MetaMask Wallet has been providing us with the most reliable security parameters that we can imagine. Finding the MetaMask wallet ad or the wallet address is simple and extremely easy, which requires you to go through the MetaMask sign in steps with your account password. Once, you’re in the wallet account portal, you are suggested to directly go ahead and copy the new public address that you can see. Now, use the copied address on any other wallet account or exchange platform account so that you can send funds to MetaMask. When it’s done, you’ll be able to see an account name and the wallet address right below it.