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Metamask chrome extension- Turn your browser into a hot crypto wallet

When cryptocurrencies were first developed, there did not exist wallets in any form. But, soon after that, the need to have safe storage for our cryptos crawled in. The development of a crypto wallet was much needed because of the rising cyberattacks and crypto theft. 

And, this led to the development of different kinds of crypto wallets. As you can easily witness the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens developed on it, and its related aspects, you must have realized the need of having an Ethereum-compatible wallet. 

With that thought, we are now going to help you with understanding one of the most efficiently working wallets. Yes, we are talking about the MetaMask wallet. And most specifically, we will be having a glance at the MetaMask chrome extension throughout the article. 

But first, let’s have a look into what MetaMask wallet is, some of its features along with the details on compatible devices. 

What is a MetaMask wallet?

On the ground level, understanding what MetaMask is is very simple. But when you go on to understand it on a deeper level, you will realize that it is somewhat complicated.

However, if you were hunting for a wallet that is highly compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, then you can probably go ahead with this one. Along with providing you safe storage for your crypto assets, this wallet also works as a key vault, lets you work with decentralized applications, and helps you use the embedded exchange features. 

Speaking about its compatible devices, we can say that it has a wallet that can be used through the MetaMask chrome extension, brave, firefox, and Edge extensions. Alongside that, the wallet can also be used as a mobile app on Android and iOS. Isn’t that amazing? 

Learn to download and install MetaMask browser extension

If you have landed here, then you must be aware of the fact that MetaMask can only be operated through its browser plugin. This plugin converts your browser into a hot crypto wallet. So, let’s check out a few steps that you need to follow in order to acquire the MetaMask chrome extension on your browser:

And that’s how you can get the MetaMask extension for chrome. 

MetaMask extension Firefox/ MetaMask brave extension

If you want to use the MetaMask extension on Firefox or Brave browser, then you can also do so. Although we suggest you only use the MetaMask chrome extension, if possible, you still have other options as well. So, here is how you can get started with the same:

Note: On Firefox, you can also opt for another method to get the extension downloaded. Just go to the add-ons section, look for MetaMask, and turn its toggle on. 

How to set up MetaMask chrome extension android mobile?

Well, there is no chrome extension for Android mobile users. Such users can easily install the MetaMask application on their devices. The MetaMask Chrome extension is only available for desktop users. Once you acquire the extension or the application, you can go ahead with setting up the wallet like this:

A glimpse of MetaMask extension login process

To get back into your wallet or one of your MetaMask accounts through the MetaMask chrome extension or any other extension/app, you can apply the following steps: 

MetaMask extension not working- Reasons and Solutions 

Well, this seems to be a nightmare when you wish to use MetaMask on your device but it does not work. So, here we will try to find out the factors responsible for it along with the solutions to fix the issue: 




Learned enough details about using MetaMask? Well, we think we have provided you with enough information about using MetaMask and the incorporated functionalities. In case you are a first-time user of this wallet service, you should also check out the FAQs section on this website. So, the next time you think of using this wallet, you should definitely refer to this informational post as and when required. 

In case you face trouble during your journey with this wallet service, we want you to only seek help from the officials of MetaMask. And most importantly, you need to consider taking additional security measures for safeguarding your secret recovery phrase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using MetaMask through the Chrome browser, then you can click on the "puzzle" icon present on top of the Chrome taskbar. Thereafter, you can see the list of extensions you have installed from which you can choose "MetaMask." To open the extension, just click on the fox-face icon and start using it right away. 

MetaMask does not have a Safari extension and can only be used as a browser plugin on four popular web browsers including Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. If you are unable to use MetaMask through your Mac device via Safari, then we suggest you use MetaMask on your mobile device through its application. 

MetaMask extension is not available for iPhone users, but you can definitely use the MetaMask mobile application. The mobile application on an iPhone can be installed using the Apple App Store. Just make a search for this app, and click on the "Get" option for initiating the app installation. Once the app is installed, launch it and select "Get started." 

MetaMask only works on Windows devices through browser extensions. The browser extension for MetaMask can only be downloaded via the official website or the respective extension store of browsers. The list of browsers is as follows- Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox. This simply means you cannot use it on your Apple device through the Safari browser.