MetaMask Extension | Install MetaMask for Chrome browser

Get your act together with MetaMask Extension

You might be among the person who likes to invest and loves watching your funds grow in a short tenure and then you come to know about cryptocurrencies. These assets are like a magic wand, which helps you to gather a huge profit by just making a small investment for a reasonable period.

Though you are looking for several ways for investing the funds but are at a sea currently. To help you come out from such a situation, I am here with this article that will describe about one of the most trustworthy and secured tradings and investing platforms- MetaMask.

MetaMask extension is another way of reaching out to this platform via browser. In the below contents, we will be covering all the essential aspects relating to it including its installation, login, and the ways to tackle errors that might come across your way.

MetaMask Wallet- a secured crypto wallet

Let’s first get familiar with MetaMask by having a brief introduction of it and the role or function that it performs.

MetaMask wallet as the name refers is a wallet (free) specially designed to deal in cryptocurrencies. Not only this, it acts as an intermediary to communicate with the Ethereum network to store, transfer and manage the crypto assets. With its excellent services, this non-custodial wallet has set a remarkable benchmark for other wallets existing in this realm and for the ones (other wallets) who are looking to step into this world.

Have a first glance at the core functionalities of this wallet:

  • Storing cryptocurrency

  • Promotes swapping of tokens

  • Allows access to several dApps

  • Interaction with smart contracts and Defi projects

MetaMask got recognized for supporting Ethereum and ETH-based tokens especially. The other reason for its prominence is the team working behind this platform that responds to the issues as and when they arise, making it highly reliable in the crypto industry.

How to get the MetaMask Chrome extension Android mobile?

Well, to be true there is no extension for any mobile device. The term extension directly relates to the activity performed via a web plugin. So, if you are willing to work on MetaMask on your Android mobile, you can easily get the app from the Google Play Store. After a successful download of the app, you can start with it by creating a profile on the same. This way you can trade in cryptocurrency in a much simple and more convenient manner and with just a click.

How can I Download and install MetaMask browser extension?

Now, after having an outline of MetaMask and its working, we should get started with this amazing platform without wasting a minute.

Below, we will be going through the roadmap that will guide you in downloading and installing the extension for Chrome:

  1. Launch a browser on your computer

  2. You can either search for MetaMask or navigate to its official website

  3. On the official page, click on “Download”

  4. Now, hit on “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

  5. You’ll then land on the “Chrome Web Store” Page

  6. Make a click on the “Add to Chrome” tab

  7. Confirm your installation by pressing on the “Add Extension” icon, when the pop-up occurs

  8. Wait a while and then you will be automatically redirected to the page with the option of “Get Started”, hit it

  9. Agree to the terms of MetaMask

  1. Now, two options will appear up on the next page:

  • Import a wallet (for existing ones)

  • Create a wallet (for new users)

Step ahead by clicking on “Create a wallet” if you are a new user and follow the further steps to create a profile on the same.

Explore several decentralized applications with the MetaMask extension login

As discussed earlier, the extensions are a great way to work on MetaMask via browser. Before getting started with the extension, you’ll be required to login into your account first. In the upper part of this article, we covered the steps involved in downloading and installing the MetaMask Chrome extension but there are some other extensions available also with which you can log in after installing the same.

Have a glance at them:

In addition to this, there are 2 more extensions available for MetaMask. They are namely:

  • MetaMask Edge extension

  • MetaMask Opera extension

Now, for logging into your MetaMask extension follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the puzzle icon after launching the Chrome

  2. Click on the MetaMask extension

  3. Enter your account password

  4. Hit on the “Unlock” icon

With this, you are logged back into your account and all set to interact with several dApps and integrate smart contract and Defi.

“MetaMask extension not working”- how to resolve it?

Call a spade a spade, the term “MetaMask extension not working” doesn’t open up the actual reason behind this issue. One can no doubt easily fix the error if he knows the reasons behind it. But fixing an error whose reasons are behind a veil becomes quite hard.

What are the tricks that we can go through to come up with this problem?

Well, we can give it a whirl, by applying some of the basic techniques to solve this. They are as follows:

  • Make a fresh start by launching the device and browser again

  • Check the MetaMask network you are working on

  • Go ahead to update or reinstall MetaMask

  • Erase all the stored cache site data

  • Check up on “Are MetaMask servers down?”

  • Clear your browser cache history

  • Reset your MetaMask account

These measures may help you from being in a hot water. In many of the cases, the above-mentioned ways have fixed the error, allowing investors to resume their trade journey.

Final Verdict

MetaMask extension is an easy way to interact with smart contracts and explore Defi and dApps. You can download and install any of your preferred supporting extensions as mentioned above and continue growing your funds.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread but you might face some errors relating to it. The above read has provided some of the resolutions that you can try to fix the mentioned error. Moreover, you can get the app on your mobile devices simply from your relevant stores.