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MetaMask Extension – Things you need to learn as a newcomer

The use of a non-custodial wallet keeps the assets safe and away from the scammers. But not all of the wallets can give you the full surety except for a few, only if you agree to incorporate the preventive measures a user should take for protection. MetaMask Extension can guarantee you security only if you help too. So, if you are ready to take up some responsibilities, read out the article till end for wallet setup.

How to install MetaMask Extension?

Metamask Extension

In this section of the article, we tell you the steps you must undertake if you want to install the extension on your laptop or computer device. Below are the two methods that you can use for installing the extension. The first method is for people who want to install this extension on the Chrome Web Store and the second one is for people who use any other browser than Chrome. 

MetaMask for Chrome Users

As a Chrome browser user, you must go through the process explained below with full accuracy. Now, you need to follow up with the process with full accuracy to avoid encountering any issues:

For other browser users

People using a browser other than Chrome, need to execute the steps using the method below:

Installing MetaMask mobile application

Follow, the below guide to install the mobile application:

Soon, the process will begin, and will notify you once it is complete. It will take roughly a minute or two to complete. The installation guide is the same for iOS users as well, and the only difference they have is that they have to use the App Store instead of Google Play.

Setting up an account on Wallet

Here are the steps of MetaMask setup, that every user has to perform, to use the services of MetaMask wallet. Do not make any mistakes to avoid the occurrence of issues.

Through these steps the wallet setup procedure is complete.

MetaMask Login Steps

Here are the steps you must follow if you need to execute any kind of crypto transaction using the MetaMask Extension or application for it. The process will not take much of your time, so you move further with it:

You are now on the dashboard of your account, use the services in any manner, and make the crypto trades efficiently. Read out the instruction manual thoroughly if you’ve some doubts related to the buying and selling procedure.

Metamask Extension

What are the solutions for the MetaMask Extension login issue?

The measures stated below might help you to overcome the problem of login error you might have on this platform. So have a look at the extension solutions below:

Go to the support page if it does not solve your MetaMask Extension login issue and report it to the customer care associate.

Summing it Up!

Here we end our article with an explanatory guide on how to use MetaMask Extension as a newcomer. The article also has some troubleshooting tips, which might help you to take down the log in issue. Once start to use the official platform, it will guide you through the other procedures of buying and selling crypto, staking, how to deal in NFTs, and much more. It has an abundance of educational resources to help you throughout the process. Also, make use of the support team and allow them to solve your problem if any.


How do I add MetaMask extension to Chrome?

Adding an extension to the Chrome browser is not a hard task to follow, just open the Chrome Web Store and search MetaMask Extension. From the results find the perfect suitable result and press download. Follow the remaining instructions on the screen to install the extension.

What is the official MetaMask extension?

Here is the link to the official extension download Press on the link here and you will have the links to install MetaMask in any format you want.

How safe is MetaMask browser extension?

MetaMask ensures full security for the funds you store in it. It aims to protect your stored assets from the ongoing official scams only if you cooperate with it, by taking the appropriate preventive actions for your funds.

How do I log into my MetaMask?

Click launch the MetaMask Extension or the mobile application, on the login page enter your password and tap the unlock button. This sums up your login procedure and if you cannot recall your password, tap the Forgot Password button.

How do I set up MetaMask extension?

Open the installed extension and tap the Create New Wallet button. Write down the details in the form presented on your screen. After the verification, set your login password and store the seed recovery phrase.

How do I create a MetaMask wallet extension?

Open the official website of MetaMask and look for the downloading link for Extension. Next, tap the appropriate installation link as per your device. Follow the further prompts on the screen.

How do I add MetaMask extension to Chrome mobile?

You cannot add MetaMask extension to your Chrome mobile. As per the norms, you can only use the services of Extension for the Web browsers and can install its application on your mobile device.

Metamask Official Contact Information


official Website :

Metamask support :

Offical Address - San Francisco, California

Disclaimer - Do not interpret the given information as the endorsement of metamask in any manner. We have included all these details only to train and guide our readers about using metamask. The furnished information may not always be completely accurate. Also, using any crypto service comes with some risks. So, make sure that you do your own research before you take any actions referring to this website.