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How to get started with MetaMask Chrome Extension?

Everyone is looking to make some investment whether it is in low amount or in high. Everyone invests in their limit as the high investment leads to the high risk. Though the investment amount depends completely upon the trader. But the people who have just begun their trading career should not go for the big investments and always start with low volume. As it is very risky to make such high investments at such an early stage.

To start crypto trading the two primary things to do is to find a good trading platform and a secure wallet for holding the cryptocurrencies. Through this write-up, we can help you with one of the things and that is finding a secured crypto wallet. The wallet we will be discussing is MetaMask. To increase its usage, the creators have launched it as an MetaMask Chrome Extension (other browsers are also included) and as a mobile application.

How to install the Extension?

Since we are starting with the basics let us get to know how to download and install the MetaMask Chrome Extension. We are assuming that everyone’s default browser would be Chrome so this process is for Chrome users:

Do not think that MetaMask is only available for the Chrome browser. It is open to be used as an extension on other browsers as well. You can install MetaMask Extension on Firefox, Brave, and Edge. If your default browser is not Chrome and is something else from the given names above, then you can always refer to the official site of MetaMask to get to know about the downloading process.

Creating a new MetaMask Account

After your MetaMask Chrome Extension has been installed successfully the next point of explanation would be the new account creation:

After all the 8 steps have been performed in the proper sequence your account would be registered.

How to Unlock MetaMask Account?

It happens that a user might get logged out of their account by mistake. In these kinds of situations, you can unlock your MetaMask Chrome Extension account by performing the steps we have given in this segment of the article:

In just three simple steps the MetaMask account would be unlocked.

How to reset the account passcode?

metamask recovery phrase example

Forgetting account passcodes is a common issue that could occur to anyone. It is a difficult task to remember every password. So, it might be possible that at the time of unlocking your MetaMask account, you cannot recall the password. Hence, to help you out in situations like these we are going to discuss the steps that you can undertake to reset the unlocking password.

But if you have lost your seed phrase then there is no other way that could be used to get back into your MetaMask account. Although many users save their passwords on Google passwords, it will automatically remember your password for you and will also fill out the password field for you when you will try to log in.

Summing it Up

We hope that the users got to know the steps that would be required by them for getting started with the MetaMask Chrome Extension. We have tried to explain all the steps in a simple language that would be easy for beginners to understand. And if you still have any queries they could be solved by contacting the support team of the MetaMask. You can also refer to the uploaded blogs in the support section that might help you. Also, you shouldn't make any of the trades without studying the nature and current situation of the market. It would be more helpful and profitable if you do complete research or even better get a piece of advice from a professional. Both of these things will help you understand the market more deeply.

If you are still unsure about a perfect crypto wallet, then it is completely up to your choice and you can also explore the new wallets as well.