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MetaMask browser extension- A go-to guide for new users 

After investing a great deal of time in researching a good hot wallet for your crypto assets, if you have decided to go further with MetaMask, then you surely need to learn how to start using it. While making your research, you must have come across the fact that the MetaMask wallet can be used via its mobile app or via the MetaMask browser extension. So, in this document, we'll specifically be talking about the browser version of the wallet.

What browser is the MetaMask extension?

MetaMask supports only Chromium-based web browsers and offers smooth functionality on the following 5 browsers including:

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a MetaMask browser extension for the Safari web browser, then I'm sorry it is not currently available. The configurations of Safari browser are not such that it could support the MetaMask wallet. However, if you have an iPhone, you surely can install the MetaMask app on it. But, to use MetaMask on your Mac device, you need to first install the Chrome browser on it and then install the MetaMask browser extension.

Features and Benefits of MetaMask Extension

Here are the main benefits that can be extracted after installing the MetaMask Browser extension on your device. The tips to be followed are as follows:

How to make MetaMask browser extension?

To get started with MetaMask, you need to simply install the MetaMask browser extension on one of the supported web browsers. So, if you wish to use MetaMask on your browser, you can simply go to the official website of MetaMask and get the extension from there. To get detailed instructions on the installation process, refer to the details given in the section to follow.

Install MetaMask browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Opera

There are two ways through which the MetaMask browser extension can be installed on your browser. One is by navigating to the respective extension store of your browser or by following the steps below:

How to Download MetaMask extension on mobile(iOS and Android)?

Unfortunately, there is no MetaMask browser extension for iOS or Android users. But, there is one effective way through which you can start using MetaMask on your mobile devices i.e. by installing the MetaMask mobile app by navigating to the website.

Apart from that, you may also install the MetaMask app by using the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Just for the app, pick the apt one and you're good to install it.

Where to find MetaMask extension?

If you are using a Chrome web browser and wish to use MetaMask on it, then you can surely find the extension by navigating to the Web Store of your browser. Jump to the search section of the Chrome Web Store and enter "MetaMask" in the search field.

As and when you are presented with the search results, you may pick the preferred options (usually, the first search result). Once you pick this option, you can surely select the option to add it to your Chrome web browser. In case you've already added it to your browser, then you can look for the extension in the taskbar of your browser.

Can I uninstall and reinstall MetaMask?

If the MetaMask browser extension on your device is causing issues or isn't loading properly, then one of the best ways to get rid of this issue is to remove and re-add the MetaMask extension. To uninstall or remove the extension from your browser, you may refer to the steps given in the section to follow. Or, to add the extension, we have already mentioned the steps of installation.

How do I remove MetaMask from my browser?

Are you having issues with the MetaMask browser extension on your Chrome? Well, you can get rid of those issues by uninstalling the extension and re-adding it. Here's how:

If you are using MetaMask on your mobile, you can simply uninstall the MetaMask app.

How do I know if MetaMask is connected to my website?

MetaMask allows users to connect their websites to it. In case you have a faded memory and could not recall that you have connected a particular website to MetaMask, then you can easily check the same. To check if MetaMask is connected to your website, you can simply use window.ethereum._state.account and this will display all the websites or accounts that have been linked to your MetaMask wallet.


This descriptive read has been prepared with the sole aim to help all our readers who are looking for a great deal of information about the usage of the MetaMask browser extension. This wallet is meant to keep all the supported crypto assets safe from any hacking incident. However, being a new user, you should always try to keep your Secret Recovery Phrase away from prying eyes. Otherwise, all your funds would be lost.