What's this about chromebooks?

And what is a Chromebook anyway???

Merkel ISD has been using shared Chromebooks in classrooms for several years. Both students and teachers have found them extremely useful. For more info on why we think using this technology in the classroom is a great idea, please see the "Why" page of this site.

Here are quick answers to some common questions:

  • A Chromebook is a small, simple laptop-type device designed to work with Google Chrome.

  • Beginning Fall 2020, all students 2nd-12th grade will have a Chromebook assigned to them .

  • Chromebooks will normally be used at school only. Their wifi doesn't work off-campus. (except for HS) In case of a Covid closure, or for students requiring remote learning, the Chromebooks may be sent home.

  • They'll be stored in a student's homeroom class (Elementary), or last period class MS. For students who have athletics or no last period class, they will be stored in the library. High School students will be allowed to take their Chromebook home each night. They will be responsible to keeping their CB charged and for keeping up with their charger.

  • If you want to purchase a case for your student's Chromebook, please check with the teacher or tech department to see the exact model of the CB your student uses.

  • Students will use the same Chromebook throughout their time at each campus. For example, an incoming freshman will use the same CB from 9th grade until graduation.

  • The "rules" for CB use can be found in the Documents section of this site.

  • Parent should sign the annual Agreement as soon as possible so that students don't lose access. The Agreement can be signed online using our new ParentSquare app.

  • An annual Technology Fee of $20 will be due from each student when school starts. The fee can also be paid on the ParentSquare app, or to the campus office.

Each student is expected to have and use their Chromebook each day. Think of it like pencils and notebooks, but for a new generation.

Through the repair policy and a low annual use fee, we have tried to make the program affordable for everyone. If cost is an issue, please contact your school principal so arrangements can be made.

Please read the full Chromebook Policy for your campus here.