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If you are looking for an expert in integration and automation, MercOlogy will take care of the job. Our focus is designing and developing integration programs, automated workflow processes, and just about anything you can think of.


As a Premier Zapier Expert and trusted Zapier consultant, we have designed and developed hundreds of automated workflows for businesses saving them hundreds of thousands of hours every month. When companies need Zapier setup or integration help, MercOlogy is the Zapier agency of choice.

Build Custom Zaps for any API

How to survive if Zapier doesn’t have your favorite App workflows. Learn to create Zaps from any Apps API or hire Mercology to do it for you. Want to know more?

Google Apps

As a Google Apps freelancer we work with any of the Google apps. Some of the project using Google Apps include:

  • Shipstation to Google Docs for custom shipping labels and manifest

  • WorkWave to Google Sheets for route management and delivery

  • Google Calendar to SMS texting for Doctor appointment reminder

Zapier Custom Integrations

As RESTful API Developers, we can build custom solutions to meet your requirements. Below are some solutions we have built:

  • YouNoodle - custom triggers, actions and searches for use in Zapier

  • Lime Cellular - custom triggers, actions and searches for use in Zapier

  • Ego Mania Detroit - Custom integration between MachineHub and Wordpress

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What Our Customers Are Saying

MercOlogy was very knowledgeable and was able to get us unstuck on our Zapier code bug. They cost more than others, but actually saved us money because we did not waste a bunch of time.

Chad Dike
Melting Sand, LLC

We hired MercOlogy to help with a Shopify API integration for inventory and drop shipping. MercOlogy was clear and communicative, and went above and beyond to make sure our project got completed in a timely manner.

They was also able to quickly adapt to changes and helped us come up with solutions on the fly. Would be happy to hire him for a future project!

Dan Evola

Very knowledgeable about Zapier, API integrations, and SQL development. Exceeded our expectations, was detailed with explanations and made the team really understand the vision and game plan when building out an automated workflow and connecting multiple data points to our CRM. Looking forward to working with MercOlogy some more.

Christopher Ortiz
Zitro Creative