The Wildcat


We aim to provide the school with memories that are created in these halls, memories bound to the page and spine, to create and preserve bonds stronger than any glue.

What we've done

The Wildcat has successfully captured teen and childrens lives in a single book for over 20 years. Leaving each student with one last token of these golden years.

The MEISD theme for the 2021-2022 school year is "Texas Strong, Wildcat Proud." The theme each year is intended to promote school spirit and encourage and inspire students, staff, and families as well as our community. Our Mt. Enterprise Wildcat spirit has been put to the test during the past months, and we have come through stronger than ever. Through trials and tough times, we have stood together, helped one another, and grown as individuals and a community. Despite the challenges, our students, staff, and families have had many triumphs and successes, and we continue to be so proud of all of our Wildcats! We want to keep that momentum going during the 21-22 school year, so we will continue to encourage our students to focus, work hard, and live up to their potential in all aspects of their educational experience. We are Texas Strong, and we are Wildcat proud! Go Wildcats!!!