Mehmet Sezgin is a resilient hard worker who puts a lot of effort and energy into his work and everything he does.

He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in the Electronic and Communication Engineering department of Istanbul Technical University ( in 1986 and 1990, then completed his PhD in 2002.

He achieved associate professorship on electrical and electronics engineering.

He started his career as research assistant at Faculty of İTÜ Electrical and Electronics between 1987-1990.

He enjoys to look at things from different perspectives and look beyond what exists when coming up with new ideas, inventions and approaches.

He completed numerous industrial, governmental and military projects as researcher and Project Leader.

His research areas are; image processing signal processing, ground penetrating radar, multi-sensor system design and automatic detection & classification of buried objects.

There are various patent applications with the name of Mehmet Sezgin and he is also the author/co-author of more than 50 highly cited papers printed in SCI journals and numerous scientific conference papers.

His papers has more than 6,200 citations on Google Scholar by Jan’21.

He also works as a referee in various scientific journals.

He was national delegate at more than 30 NATO ( ) projects and experts working group meetings, between 1999-2013.

Mehmet Sezgin served at TÜBİTAK MAM ( ) and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM ( as Researcher, Senior Researcher, Chief Researcher, Department Manager, Deputy Director and Institute Director (TUBITAK MAM - Marmara Research Center, TUBITAK UEKAE - National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, TUBITAK BILGEM - Center Of Research For Advanced Technologies Of Informatics And Information Security).

The Modern Mine Detection Systems project, which was completed under the leadership of Mehmet Sezgin, was awarded with an achievement award by TÜBİTAK MAM in 2006.

The Handheld Mine Detection system project carried out by the leadership of Mehmet Sezgin was awarded with the incentive achievement award by TÜBİTAK MAM in 2008.

He was considered worthy of achievement award by TÜBİTAK MAM within the scope of the KKBS project completed in 1996.

Mehmet Sezgin has contributed to the self-improvement of more than 100 team members in the projects he participated in and leaded.

He served as the Institute Director at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Information Technologies Institute, where approximately 350 R&D personnel employed, between 2014 and 2017.

In 2015, he chaired the TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Research Center as acting president, where approximately 1500 personnel worked.

He worked as a consultant at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM between 2017-2020, he is still working at the same institution as a chief researcher.

Mehmet Sezgin is passionate about developing people so that they can become their best selves and always encourages (especially young) people to get out of their comfort zones in ways that will help them to grow and develop. Therefore he also gave graduate courses at Gebze Technical University ( ) and Yıldız Technical University ( ).

He believes future is ours to build.