Innovation Initiative - I2

MEDRC Water Research Grants

MEDRC Water Research is pleased to offer the Innovation Initiative (“I2”) research grant award for Palestine and Jordan, provided through funding from the Government of the Netherlands. The I2 grant provides research support funds to innovative and impactful projects relating to the water sector, or solutions to fresh water scarcity, with a particular interest in projects integrating renewable energy.

The Innovation Initiative provides support/seed funding ranging from roughly $3,000 to $5,000 USD per project, for a small selection of promising projects in relevant areas of water research. Applications are accepted and reviewed twice annually in the Winter and Summer, until the annual funding allocation is exhausted. The annual funding window resets in July of each year, for a period of three (3) years until 2020.

Year 1 – July 2017 – 2018

Year 2 – July 2018 – 2019

Year 3 – July 2019 – 2020

I2 grant award recipients are selected by an international panel of experts representing MEDRC and its regional partners, with additional representatives reflecting national priority research interests and international standards of excellence. Candidates are scored across comprehensive criteria reflecting the strength of the research proposal, the innovation of the approach, and the strategic impact of the project on local and regional water challenges. Special consideration is also given to projects that integrate renewable energy.

Selection criteria is based on a scored system assessing the following:

§ Quality of research proposal

§ Applicability of research to local and regional water challenges

§ Innovation in the approach and the potential impact on the water sector

§ Scalability and sustainability of the proposed project or potential solution

Application Requirements

Innovation Initiative applicants may apply as either individuals or as a group/team. Applicants must be a resident national of Jordan or Palestine, and provide documentation of this to be eligible. Submitted applications must be fully completed, with all required supporting documentation in order to be considered. Applicants must also be available for an interview to present their proposal, as requested.

Please find full application details and requirements below in the 'Call for Applications' and the 'Application Form' for each respective region.

I2 Call for Applications - Palestine

I2 Call for Applications 2019 - Palestine.pdf

I2 Call for Applications - Jordan

I2 Call for Applications 2019 - Jordan.pdf

I2 Application Form - Palestine

I2 Application Form 2018 - Palestine.docx

I2 Application Form - Jordan

I2 Application Form 2018 - Jordan.docx