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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - 2018 MEDRC MSc Fellowship Program - Apply Here

Gaza - TBD

West Bank - 5 July 2018

Jordan - TBD

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - MEDRC PhD Fellowship Program - Apply Here

Gaza - TBD

West Bank - May 12th (extended)

Jordan - June 24th

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - 2017/2018 Innovation Initiative I2 - Research Support Funding - Apply Here

Project selections twice annually in the summer and winter

MEDRC Water Research is working on solutions to fresh water scarcity by supporting research, training, knowledge exchange, and technical capacity building. MEDRC's Water Research Fellowship programs are focused on capacity building and professional development in cooperation with our partners in Jordan and Palestine.

MEDRC's programing can be broadly categorized into three mutually reinforcing modules—University Capacity Building, Technical Capacity Building & Alumni Professional Development. MEDRC currently supports Fellowships for Master of Science and Doctoral programs, as well as a Civil Service Fellowship program.

This site serves as a hub for MEDRC Fellowship Alumni, as well as for current or prospective Fellows.

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