Social Science - Science Integration

Topics are organised in School Wide Themes, Junior, Middle, Senior levels. Integrated Topics have a range of activities in them including some with a Digital Technologies emphasis.

School Wide Topics

Globalisation Integrated Topic
Green Theme Sustainability Environment Integrated Topic
Community Integrated Theme Topic

Junior Topics Years 1-4

Junior I.C.T Digital Technologies
Community: People who Help Us: Integrated Theme Topic
Integrated Topics & iPads
Social Insects
Antarctica - Digital Technologies and eLearning Activities
Fair Trade eLearning Activities
Modern Kiwiana - Culture
The Olympic Games
Mars - Community in the Future
Ancient Egypt
Dinosaurs-Living Treasures
Ancient Vikings - Digital Technologies and eLearning Activities

Middle Topics Years 5-6

Early Canterbury
Exploring Exploration - Into the Unknown - Digital Technologies

Senior - Year 7-8 Topics

Food Planet
Leadership Changes our World
Your Inquiry Topic - Extension PLP