Education Opportunities

Visual & Performing Arts

General Music- David T. Wilson students participate in general music class two times per week for 30 minutes each. Students receive an additional hour of music class once every 6 weeks. Students learn the fundamentals of music such as music theory, instruments, composers, music styles, and world music. All students may participate in a performance at our winter carnival. Students have access to a variety of instruments as well as a stage for performing.

Dance-All students participate in a dance unit. The unit takes place in January and February for an hour each week. Students create and perform dance and movement patterns and respond to their own or other student's performances.

Visual Art-The Visual Art program at David T. Wilson teaches students the elements and principles of art through a variety of engaging lessons. The students create many different works of art, and teachers embed art instruction into core subjects on a regular basis.

Choir- 6th grade students have the opportunity to participate in choir class. Choir meets every Monday for 60 minutes. In addition, all students at David T. Wilson have the opportunity to audition for the All County Choir. Students chosen will practice after school and participate in a county wide practice and concert. Furthermore, all students in 5th and 6th grade may audition for All State choir. 4th district choir is selected through a nomination process.

Theatre- Students at David T. Wilson have the opportunity to try out for the school play. If chosen, students stay after school an average of 2 days per week to practice from September-November. The play is performed in front of the entire school and a public production is performed on a Saturday.

Media Arts-Media Art- Media Art is provided as an enrichment class. In media arts, students learn how to create using technology. Students at DTW also participate in Hour of Code. Our school has 93 student computers between our computer labs and library. David T. Wilson also owns 19 iPads and 51 Chromebooks for student use.

Career Studies

David T. Wilson's classroom guidance lessons include Introduction to Careers. Students receive classroom guidance for 60 minutes every 6 weeks.

Health & Physical Education

David T. Wilson's Health and Physical Education program introduces students to a wide range of physical activities and health topics, providing students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Students at DTW have Physical Education class two times per week for 30 minutes. In addition, students receive Physical Education class for 60 minutes once every 6 weeks. One hour per month, students have health education. David T. Wilson has a gymnasium available for class each day with access to a stage area. Students at DTW also have 15-20 minutes of daily recess and the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities such as Cross Country and Archery.

Students may also participate in Superstar Chef. This is an after school program taught by the local extension office. Students who participate learn about food and nutrition.

Classroom Guidance

Cross Country

Superstar Chef

World Languages

David T. Wilson offers Chinese class to all students. All students participate in Chinese class once every six weeks for 30 minutes, learning the basic letters, words, and culture of the language. In addition, 6th grade students receive an additional 30 minutes of Chinese once per week. 4th grade students receive an additional 30 minutes every other week. Chinese class is taught in its own classroom with access to a projector and smart board. If needed, the class also has access to the stage and computer labs.

Chinese Art