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Scroll to the bottom of this page for detailed checkout procedures. Need help? If you would like me to introduce the activities to your class, I am happy to schedule a time to come to your class. Just let me know when you request the kit if you would my assistance. Trish Henry

Don't see what you need? Check with Trish Henry. There is a LOT available that is not pictured: Rubber stamps, stencils, decorative scissors, hand braillers, sewing machines, stethescopes, etc.

Science: Flexcarts + Misc Art/Science Tools

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Air Rocket


Circuit Bench

Magnetic Basics

Quake Table

Ring Launcher


42 x Blue Trays

Small Bottles

with snap on or screw on lids

26+ GeoTool Compass

Perform a wide variety of geometric constructions with the GeoTool Compass and its built-in protractor, ruler, and straightedge!

100 + Spring Scales

The scales are graduated in grams (g) and Newtons (N). Scales measure up to 500g/5N

Science: Earth & Space

Weather Hazards

Includes nonfiction books about weather and natural disasters as well as connector tubes to create your own vortex/tornado tubes.


Each K-8 Library has an interactive 3D Cross-section volcano. If you need more than one, they may be borrowed through inner-library loan.

Explore Mars with the Lego Mindstorms space add-on. Includes large heavy duty challenge mat.

3D Model: Earth

Includes a 3D model of the earth, a globe, and related nonfiction books and DVDs.

iPad/Cell Phone Microscopes

5 Cellular zoom lens for iPad or cell phone. Also works well as a magnifier for small print!

Plane Launcher

3 Launchers for paper airplanes

Science: Life


Contains 3D cross-sections models of plant cells and animal cells.

Human Body

Includes 3D models of the heart, lungs, brain, plus nonfiction texts. Now includes a Shrek Operation game as a fun way to learn where parts go.


3D Cross-section models of a tooth with paired text for read alouds or small groups.


Kit includes a child-size human skeleton, a rat skeleton, and a bat skeleton as well as a bag of human bones (all plastic). Several nonfiction titles are included. Read aloud ghost stories are included for each age group too!

  • Primary: In a Dark, Dark Room
  • Intermediate: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark set
  • High School: Edgar Allen Poe

Use this kit to learn about the skeletal system or for ghost stories!

Life Cycles

Includes magnetic whiteboard models of the life cycle of a bean, frog and butterfly. Includes 3D model of a flower and a bean, a DVD and several fiction/nonfiction books.


Includes a 3D model of the eye along with nonfiction books about light and vision.

40+ Terrariums

You supply soil, seeds or other materials.

5 Pop-up Pods

Portable pods for recording in the classroom or at events.

Science: Physical

3x Snap Circuits

Individual kits for 1-3 students. Each kit is different!

  • 1 x Snap circuit arcade
  • 1 x Snap circuits 3D

3 x Snap Circuit Extreme

This kit features twenty learning projects for exploring the basic principles of electronics and experimenting with switches and circuits. Note: If more kits needed, there are 5 more may be available through inner library loan.

2 x Electronic Playground

7 x Roominate

Each kit includes a battery pack and motor to power up your design.

  • Details
  • 2 RV Kits
  • 3 Townhouse kits
  • 1 Studio kit
  • 1 Architect kit

2 x Conduct Dough Lights

  • Squishy circuit kits for young scientists.

Each kit includes challenge cards to help develop problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. Groups of 2-3 can work on collaboration skills while solving the puzzles. Includes the following kits: 6 circuit maze, 2 gravity maze and 3 laser maze

10 Lemon Battery Kits

You supply the lemons. Everything else you need for this Microsoft Hackathon challenge is included. No computer devices are needed.

Kit 1 is a single workshop suitcase suitable for up to 16 students.

Kit 2 includes a large tub of extras plus 11 individual kits for small groups.

Music & Sound

Kit includes desk drum sets, bells, whisper phones, sound tubes, Conga drums, bells, a piano keyboard, rattles and more. Includes related nonfiction books.

Kit includes various code activities: morse, nautical signal flags, and braille.

Technology: Coding & Programming

2 x Dash/Dot Sets

2 kits available. Each kit includes 6 Dash, 6 Dot, Challenge cards

15 x Finch

Works with any computer including chromebooks.

16 x Ozobots

Beginning coding using a device or markers.

Pick and choose the robots you want to use with your students. When you make your request, include the name of the robot and how many (if there are more than one). Choose one for a single station or multiples for several stations.

4 x Code a pillar

Good for robot races and measuring speed and distance. No device needed.

1 Jimu

Erector set meets lego. Build and program.

3 x Code & Go Mouse

Beginning coding using push button coding. No device needed

1 x Botley

Beginning coding using push button coding or markers. No device needed.

2 x Meccano

Robots are already built. You just need to program them. Device needed to program.

EV3 Lego Robots

2 x EV3 Core Sets

2 students recommended per set


Each block has a predetermined function. How you put them together determines the robot's actions. No device needed.

3 x Moss Robotics

Each block has a predetermined function. No device needed. (Not suitable for young children due to small marbles)

1 x Cozmo

Device needed to program.

2 x Sphero

Device needed to program.

2 x Sphero Ollie

Device needed to program.

5 x Mip

Device needed to program.

Other tech related tools to try out include.......

Makey Makey


Merge Cube

LittleBits Large Set

This is a larger set with extras. Comes in a large tub with 11 individual kits for groups of 2-3 students.


Ipad required


Pairs well with Speedometry kit (build your own roller coaster)

Marble Maze

  • Large set Q-Ba Maze


Cricut Expression

Includes 15 cartridges, mats, and spare blades. Supply your own paper or vinyl. No other computer or device required for this machine.

Choose from history, themed or beginning reader scripts and then choose the Fellers mask templates you want to make.

Sizzix and Dies

Includes dies for girl and boy paper dolls, dragon puppet, chess set, letters and more. Supply your own paper.

Booklet die

Use your building's large die cut machine to cut

Math and Miscellaneous Resources


Includes play money, cash register, money board game and related fiction and nonfiction books.


Chess Sets

30+ Sets for classes or clubs

Chess & Common Core

Sensory/Accessibility Tools

This kit includes a large print, color-coded usb keyboard, tactile books and tools, a fidget cushion, whisper phones and more. This kit gives you the opportunity to try out tools with a student. The checkout period will vary depending on your need.

Book Making

Book making uses math and engineering skills. Whether you want to make simple fold books or more complex books with sewn or glued spines, I have the tools you need. Talk with Trish to determine what type of books your students will make. Kit includes samples and instructions or you can have Trish come lead the activity.

  1. Checkout: Contact me at and let me know the name of the kit(s) and your preferred dates. If you would like my help the first day you use the kit, please let me know.
  2. Availability: On the calendar, the kit name is listed after the building name. If you are unsure if the tub is available contact Trish Henry.
  3. Checkout Period: One month checkout unless other arrangements have been made.
  4. Extra Materials: Some kits may require the use of iPads (available through most libraries) so please check in with library staff to ensure availability.
  5. Books: Your library staff may recommend complementary titles to support the requested kit if requested.

Need help? If you would like me to introduce the kit activities to your class, I am happy to schedule a time to come to your class. Just let me know when you request the kit that you would like assistance. Trish Henry

Key terms

  • Center: an area with activities or materials designed to teach, reinforce. or extend a particular skill or concept based on individual need.
  • Station: an area with activities designed to promote teamwork and independent learning in subject themes.
  • Makerspace: Usually a station, a makerspace promotes student exploration and hands-on learning through inquiry and teamwork. It can be a center or collection of centers when used to teach a specific skill or concept.