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How: Library staff from each building may request a kit or tub to utilize in their library. If you are a classroom teacher and would like to utilize these tools, please collaborate with your library staff. Some may require the use of technology available through the library or your library staff may recommend complementary titles to support the requested kit.

Availability of kits - On the calendar the tub name is listed after the building name. If you are unsure if the tub is available contact Trish Henry.

4 Categories: Flexcarts . Class Kits . Small Groups . Book Repair


Coming in March

Biological Interactive Outcomes Modular Environment (BIOME)

Bernouli Flexcart


Magnet Basics


Class Kits

2 Dash & Dot Kits

Program the robots to maneuver obstacles and paths. Each tub includes Wonder Dot and Dash. Ipads needed. 2 class tubs are available.

Coding (K-2)

Includes games and activities for beginning coders. Play the Turtle Robots game, program Dash or program the code and go mouse.

Robots & Coding (6-8)

Robots and games will transition students from block-based code to state-machine and text-based programming.


Create circuits that move and manipulative objects. Tub includes Little Bits and Makey Makey.


Create circuits that move and manipulative objects. Tub includes Little Bits and Makey Makey.

Roller Coaster Challenge

In this thrilling engineering challenge, players get to build their very own roller coasters. Pair it with the Speedometry kit and create a hot wheels roller coaster.


No glue or connectors required - simply stack wood plants to create buildings, bridges, sculptures, physics challenges, STEM lessons and so much more.


The kit includes 2560 Strawbees, 1500 construction straws (in six wonderful colours), and a Card Deck of Creativity to be used when there is a need for a fantasy boost.

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Goldie Blox

Designed especially for K-3, Goldie Blox combines a story with a design problem. Help Goldie design a movie machine, a dunk tank and more while enjoying the companion books.

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Communication Technology

Explore how we communicate using a variety of tools including braille, signal flags, morse code and even drums. Communication via sight, touch and sound are explored.

Word Play

Intended for high school, this tub focuses on critical thinking around vocabulary and spelling. There is even a station for deconstructing and identifying conspiracy theories!


Kit can be used with the whole class. Use design thinking to design prototypes for unique characters.

Table Loom

This item is available for semester checkout due to the time required to use it. You will need to provide your own yarn.

Breakout EDU

Check out Breakout Edu boxes to utilize with your students.

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3 Speedometry Kits

Hot Wheels® Speedometry™ teaches students about Forces and Motion. Includes lessons for grades Kindergarten and for 4th grade. Consider combining with the Roller Coaster Challenge kit to create a giant roller coaster.

Small Group, Clubs or Centers

These tubs are suitable as individual centers or for small groups. Additional small group kits are available (or soon will be) in your school library.

Marble Maze

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Music & Sound

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Virtual Reality

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Young engineers design structures and then power them up with motors and lights.

Book Repair

CoLibri Book Covering System

Quickly cover large qualities of books wrinkle and bubble-free.

For use with library staff supervision.*

Cover One Binder

Binds or repairs book spines of books up to 2” thick. May also be used to bind student created books.

For use with library staff supervision.*

*These machines require additional materials (covers, glue strips, or binding tape. See inventory list to determine what your building will need to purchase if these will be used for non-library materials.

LittleBits Workshop

Includes: 8 buttons, 8 buzzers, 8 DC motor (tethered), 8 fans, 8 forks, 8 inverters, 8 latches, 8 light sensors, 8 long LEDs, 8 number counters, 8 powers, 8 pressure sensors, 8 pulses, 8 rgb LEDs, 8 servos, 8 slike dimmers, 8 temperature sensors, 8 thresholds, 16 wires, 8 batteries + cables, 8 brick adapters, 16 motorMates, 8 mounting boards, 16 screwdrivers, 120 shoes, 1 tackle box, a getting started with littleBits book, and an educator's guide.; Ages 14+. This workshop set accommodates up to 16 individuals or 8 groups of 2 and encourages students to create and critically think about various designs and inventions.