September 26, 2022


We've reached the last week of September and Parent(Guardian)/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner.

Parent (Guardian)/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the first week in October. The link to schedule your conferences is included in the "Parent Information" section of this newsletter.

2022-2023 Parent Information

Week of October 3, 2022

Be sure to have a list of your student's teachers available before scheduling.
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MDIRSS / AOS#91 COVID Update and Reminders 2022 - 2023 - An Update from Our Superintendent

Please review this two-page COVID update message from our Superintendent. His message is based on the recent changes in guidance from the CDC. All staff are encouraged to be up to date on their COVID vaccines and be sure to get boosted when the new modified booster is available. It is well documented that vaccination protects us from severe diseases resulting from COVID infection. He is also working with the MDI Hospital and Healthy Acadia to promote COVID vaccination for all eligible students and adults.

COVID update:

    • 5 students, and 1 staff members were in quarantine as of Friday, September 23

    • Hancock County is currently considered at Medium (Yellow) Risk. It is recommended that people at high risk for severe illness wear a mask indoors.

Student Highlights

The Climb


As I watched cheer slowly slip away

I lost the bond that we had.

I lost the feeling of happiness.

I lost the friends that I had.

But not only did I lose friends, I lost family.

I miss the feeling of being pushed to be the best.

I miss having fun with friends.

I miss the feeling of suspense waiting for results.

But then I kissed cheer goodbye and watched it slip away.

- Maddie

Published 2021

NOTICE: Civil Rights Team will be meeting in room 106 during Flextime on Thur, Sept 29.

Thank you!

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Jennifer Crandall wishes to thank the following community members for taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet with her Farm to Table class: Rose and Renee at Bar Harbor Farm, Fiona and Max from Hollander and DeKoning mussel farm, and April at Peggy Rockefeller Farm. These folks work hard to bring fresh food to the local community and the class has the opportunity to cook with those products. The class wouldn't exist without their generosity.

Clubs & Organizations


MDIHS Student Board Representative Application, 2022-23

If you would like to be a student representation on the MDI High School Committee, please submit this form by Friday, September 30, 2022. Any questions? Come to the Principal's Office.

Come join the Math Team!

We are super low-key, low time commitment, and have so much fun! Look for Math Team as a FlexTime option or see Mrs. Moore in room 208 or email Mrs. Moore at for more information.

MDIHS Cafeteria

INFORMATION from the MDIHS Cafeteria

The High School cafeteria is back up and running full lunch service. Students can get one breakfast meal and one hot lunch meal per day free of charge. We offer one hot lunch choice and one alternative hot lunch choice each day. We also have a full Salad bar that can be used as a meal or to add items to a regular hot lunch. If students want a 2nd full lunch (available for $3.00) or individual items at lunch (a piece of fruit, a milk) those items would need to be paid for in the lunch line or money can be put on a student’s lunch account. We do not allow charging of lunch items. Money can be put on the lunch account by sending in cash or check or can be electronically deposited using

Guidance Office News

Mark Carignan []


1st Semester:

Mark Carignan

2nd Semester:

Michele Gurtler []
Megan Rowell []


Michele Gurtler (A-K), Megan Rowell (L-Z)


Basil Steele []

Ericka Witham []

Save The Date

PSATs are slated for
October 12 for all
Sophomores & Juniors.

FAQs from the Main Office

Student Absences

Parents/Guardians: Please contact the school at 288-5011 to report an absence on the ‘Attendance Line’--Option 1

It is very important that parents/guardians contact the school, using the above method, when your child is out of school. It is vital that we know when someone is out due to illness, so that our school nurse, Tammy Underwood, can reach out to the family and ensure a safe return to school that will keep us all healthy.

Late to school?

All students must check-in at the Main Office upon arrival, even if tardiness is excused.

Need to be dismissed from school?

Calling or sending a note in the morning allows us to give your student a pass to get out of class at the appropriate time. If a student feels sick once they arrive, they need to be dismissed by our nurse, Tammy Underwood. Students cannot leave the building without permission from a parent/guardian.

Forgot something at home?

A parent may drop off items at the main office, and the student will be called down between classes.

Extracurricular Information?

All Extracurricular Information can be found on the Athletics tab on our homepage, Cancellations and changes will be posted by 1pm, or as soon as possible. Want to find out if school is canceled or delayed? Call 288-5011, ext 7, or check our webpage,

Student Absence for more than 3 days of school

It is important to notify the school when your student is going to miss 3 days or more of school. The Extended Absence Form should be completed ahead of time by your student and their teachers. Completed forms are turned in to Mr. Braun’s office.

Welcome to MDIHS!

Message from the School Nurse

Hi MDI Community

I hope everyone is finding time to enjoy this incredible weather we have been having, before we know it the snow will fly! I wanted to check in and remind you that we are a SHELLFISH FREE school as we do have students with severe allergies.

MDIHS is still following CDC guidelines when testing positive for COVID:

1. The day you test positive is day zero and the NEXT day is day 1 of quarantine.

2. You must quarantine for 5 days and wear a mask once returning to school for another 5 days.

October is a beautiful month, enjoy!

Tammy Underwood RN

MDIHS School Nurse


Phone: 207-288-5011 ext. 3305


Learning for everyone

Make this the year you earn your high school diploma… change jobs…
learn a new skill… gain a new hobby….

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

View a complete fall offering list of the MDI Adult & Community Education website here!

DEADLINE to APPLY has been extended to: OCTOBER 5!

The Maine DOE is especially interested in having perspectives from students with a variety of diverse experiences, interests, cultures, and backgrounds, representing both traditional and nontraditional education pathways.

There are 16-20 seats that are currently open for students in grades 4 – 12 and first year of college. The newly selected members will serve for a term of two years, starting in October.

How to Apply:

Students interested in serving on the Maine DOE Student Cabinet will need to submit the electronic application by October 5, 2022. Applications can be submitted electronically here.

Have a community event that you want high school students or parents to be aware of or a community service opportunity for MDI students?
Contact Mary Corrow at
For more information, visit our website at