The Junior State of America

Who We Are

The Junior State of America (JSA) was conceived by Professor E. A. Rogers during the Great Depression as a way of inspiring teenagers "to engage them in the issues of the day and offer training in statesmanship and leadership" (, "The Beginnings of JSA"). As the Woodbridge Academy of New Jersey chapter of JSA, it is our interest in civic education and leadership that drives us to become more aware and more active in our communities through public speaking, civil conversation, and awareness of public policy development.

What We Do

We first begin our school year with a basic review of the United States government system with specific focus on the Senate and the House of Representatives. This is then followed by modeling their dialogue, debate, collaboration, and public speaking methodology on our own terms to engage in public speaking and debates within the school and during state-wide competitions.

Our Values

Our common values shared by our central headquarters are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Empowerment
  3. Accountability
  4. Diversity

We firmly believe in committing ourselves to research, fact-checking, peer collaboration, and inclusivity. It is imperative that as a student-run organization we should endorse all student voices being heard and be accountable for our words and actions.

Our Mission

“To strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society” (

Current Advisor

Miss Leah Hoffman

English Teacher

Room 118

Current Chapter Cabinet Members

Presidents: Nicole Hogan and Luv Thakkar

Vice President: Rohan Diwan

Secretary: Sachi Kurian

Treasurer: Shivam Patel

State Assembly Representative: Maham Khan

Webmaster: Gaurvi Awasthi