Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Advisor: Señor Nava

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Capítulo Ellen Ochoa

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica was established in 2008. The name of the Academy's chapter is "Ellen Ochoa". The Spanish Honor Society (SHS) recognizes the highest achievers of the Spanish language. Students must have studied Spanish for at least 2 years at the Academy, and continue his/her studies in the Spanish language in the future. Induction takes place annually in the spring. Once selected and inducted, SHS members partake in a community service project.

Requirements for Induction

  • All candidates:

  • must have completed at least 2 consecutive years of Spanish at the Woodbridge Academy Magnet School.

  • must be in good academic standing in all classes.

  • who take the National Spanish Exam (NSE) and achieve Gold level will be considered after reviewing their grade. Students must complete an interview given by the advisor.

  1. Sophomore candidates must:

  • have a cumulative average in all Spanish classes since 9th grade of an "A" (96 or above and have always received at least a 92 “A” each marking period) at the time of candidacy.

  • must complete an interview given by the advisor.

  • must enroll in Spanish III, and AP Spanish for his/her Junior or senior year.

  1. Junior candidates must:

  • have a cumulative average in Spanish III classes since 10th grade (Spanish II) of an "A" (96 or above and have always received at least a 92 “A” each marking period) at the time of candidacy.

  • must complete an interview given by the advisor.

  • must enroll in AP Spanish for his/her Senior year.

  1. Senior candidates must:

  • be enrolled in the Spanish AP class at the Academy.

  • must have at least a 95 "A" at the time of candidacy.

  • must have received at least a 92 in Spanish III in each marking period.

  1. All inducted members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanánica must:

  • pay a $ 25.00 fee to cover society expenses.

  • take AP Spanish during senior year.

  • participate in community service events.

SHS purpose and requirements PDF

Spanish Tutoring available

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica is offering tutoring to students that need help in Spanish. Please complete the Google Form to schedule an appointment and specify what grammar structures you need help with. Tutoring Google Form


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Spanish honor society 2022-2023


Presidente: Anika Bukkapatnam

Vice Presidente: Bhavesh Manne

Tesorero: Sachin Aravind

Secretarios: Fernanda Herrada, Aadithiya Bharanidharan

New Members:

Rida Ahmed

Soham Bari

Varnith Bhat

Alexis Ferrer

Raadha Garg

Sonia Garg

Aarnika Gharse

Sara Manjaly

Sanika Manjrekar

Niyati Patel

Simone Purswani

Hael Raj

Nidhi Rajput

Jack Shannon

Evan Shraga

Deepa Subramanya

Spanish honor society 2021-2022


President: Diya Nair

Vice President: Jasmine Wilk

Secretaries: Pranavi Pothuganti, Ahdaf Zaman

Treasurer: Anika Mahajan

New Members:

Aryan Bansiwal

Esha Brahmbhatt

Gauri Bhatia

Pratham Bhatt

Shrihith Golugula

Shubhransh Joshi

Sujoy Menon

Anika Mahajan

Diya Nair

Pranavi Pothuganti

George Richard

Jahanavi Sinha

Ridhimaa Thaker

Angelina Tran

Jasmine Wilk

Nikki Walia

Cayla Xue

Ahdaf Zaman

Sociedad honoraria hispánica 2019-2020

Consejero: Señor Nava

Presidente: Jesús Stiles Amezcua

Vice-presidente: Rebecca Xu

Secretaria: Yash Dixit, Soham Shashikumar

Tesorera: Michelle Ng

Nuevos Miembros:

Aracely Alvarado

Aqsa Owais

Arush Bhardwaj

Theresa Carlos

Yash Dixit

Dev Dwivedi

Anirudh Koneru

Shakthi Kodeswaran

Alexander Kodak

Trisha Gullapudi

Shivangi Nanda

Michelle Ng

Pooja Patel

Arnav Patel

Prisha Patel

Zaira Pesantes

Shilpi Sha

Pooja Shah

Soham Shashikumar

Jesus Stiles Amezcua

Tseng Adam

Leisha Yenduri

Rohan Vivek

Rebecca Xu

Sociedad honoraria hispánica 2019

Advisor: Señor Nava

Presidente: Liana Masangkay

Vice-presidente: Olivia Wiguna

Secretaria: Emily Zarczynski

Tesorera: Nicole Sierra

Sociedad Honoraría hispanica 2018

Presidente: Diana Koszelnik

Vice-presidente: Divya Konduru

Secretario: Sukruthi Ready Thunga / Stuti Mohan

Tesorera: Namya Vemula