EBMS Performing ARTS

The performing arts program at EBMS provides a practical and theoretical foundation for young artists seeking excellence in the performing arts. Unlike many other high schools; EBMS is uniquely positioned to provide your students with a conservatory style training environment. Students work half day towards a Performing Arts high school certificate and graduate ready to enter BFA programs nationally and internationally. 


Brian Homer


About me

As a way of introduction; I am a highly trained and an experienced classical theater actor/educator, with a specific interest in the works of William Shakespeare. In the past several years I have served as a Senior Acting/Creative Drama Teaching Artist through the Elizabeth Ann Seton grant in the New York City and the surrounding area.

Extensive Theater Teaching Artist Expertise:  I have over 20 years of experience working with not-for-profit companies developing educational and theater arts programming for a variety of audiences, including but not limited to day-to year-long residencies for over 50,000 students in the New York area, at-risk populations, and business and legal professionals. I have gained significant experience partnering with educators in providing class facilitation, arts integration, and workshops for both youths and adults. Specifically I have been recognized by students / audiences and my teaching cohorts for developing a trusting environment where there is confidence and ease in the delivery of  curriculum.

Innovative Thinking: My varied experience and tenure in this field also allows me to bring diversity of thought to the arts education process. I am adept at influencing innovative and creative ideas to keep the curriculum exciting and programming sustainable.

My vision for the Theatre Arts program at EBMS consists of continuing the program's legacy of developing highly trained, thoughtful, career readied performing artists. During the students’ four years in our program, they will be trained for admission to a post-secondary, conservatory-style, college or independent training program and/or for an entry-level position in arts organizations. The study of performance arts at EBMS is designed to foster the growth of well-rounded performance artists. Through experiential learning, practical training and intellectual inquiry; students will master skills in writing, acting, movement and directing. This study is grounded in theater history, literature, criticism and methodologies from a culturally diverse point of view. Whether creating an original project or working with a classical text, students will be given the opportunity to holistically engage in the study and making of theater in a way that illuminates the human condition and celebrates the power of community.

I am thrilled to be joining the MCMS community of impassioned and dedicated arts professionals, and confident that we, as a faculty, are moving in a direction that best serves the success of your child’s education in the coming school year.


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