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Welcome to EB Tech AgriScience!

You will love AgriScience if you have ever wondered what soil is made up of, how plants grow, or how new food products get development!

The AgriScience career major also learns about floral design and greenhouse management!

Plus, you have the opportunity to be an active member of FFA!

FFA is a student run organization with opportunities to compete at the state level, earn FFA degrees, and network with other FFA chapters from across the state!

Want to know more about FFA? Check out their website:

2021 FFA Banquet

Each year we host our annual FFA banquet to recognize a year of dedication and hard work. Family, friends, and guests are invited to attend.

A Year in Review

A look back at 2020 - 2021 School Year!

Videos recorded & created by EB Tech Digital Film.

The Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources course includes:

  • Agricultural Education – Agriculture, FFA, and SAE

  • Communication Methods

  • Science Processes

  • Natural Resources

  • Plants and Animals

  • Agricultural Mechanics

The Principles of Agricultural Science—Plant areas of study include:

  • Soils

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Taxonomy

  • Growing Environment

  • Reproduction

  • Pest and Disease Management

  • Crop Production and Marketing

The Food Science and Safety areas of study include:

  • Introduction to Food Science

  • Chemistry of Food

  • Safety of Our Food

  • Food Processing Preservation and Packaging

  • Food Health and Security

  • Preference and Product Availability

  • Food Product Development

The Animal and Plant Biotechnology areas of study include:

  • Laboratory Protocols & Safety

  • Cells

  • DNA & Protein

  • Genetically Modified Organisms

  • Micropropagation

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction

  • Research in Biotechnology