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About Me: In addition to the #teacherlife, I mostly just live the #momlife with this wild crew! Levi will be 4 in October, Milo turned 2 in July, & Rory was born on Feb. 9th :) We also have 3 adorable pups to keep us busy! When I do get time to do something for me, I love to read or binge watch a good Netflix show :)

This will be my 12th year working in the SC room at MHS... and it looks to be the most unique yet! Sadly, we won't be able to participate in community-based jobs this year, instead we will make the absolute most of the situation & work remotely from home/school--which I am actually excited for this little change of pace! I truly look forward to all of the challenges ahead, we can only come out stronger :) I also will continue to serve in my role in the school community as the Department Chair of the SC Program across the district, which is a joy & an honor.

About Our Classroom

Classroom Information: We will work consistently on activities that include (but are not limited to): Functional academics (Math-money, basic; Science-content, current events, cooking; Social Studies-content, current events, various texts; Language Arts-content, chapter book/s, functional reading and writing lessons), Social skill training (communication, appropriate behaviors in and outside of the classroom, etc.) & Personal & health training (cooking, banking, safety in the community, hygiene, etc.)

Vocational time will be embedded into each day with meaningful and purposeful tasks. These opportunities will help build students work-based skills as well as social/communication skills, time management, being prepared, flexibility, independence & problem solving skills... Among many, many others!

Additionally we will (of course!) work towards independent IEP & Transition goals (self-advocacy skills, job training, building a portfolio/resume, etc.) to help ensure that the students will be successful both in the present while they are here with us at MHS & then post high school as they pursue their individual goals!


The 5 R's



3. READY (to learn)


5. REACH (above & beyond)

About this Website

I hope that this website can help parents, students, as well as my colleagues see what we do day to day in our classroom & within the community.

Continuing to help build the bridge to positive communication between home & school is my overall goal!